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2021 Goals

December 28th, 2020 at 09:19 pm

The goals for 2021 are a bit harder for me. We finished paying off our non-mortgage debt and now that we are onto savings I am a little unsure about what our priorities are. Although I've always had 5 goals a year I can only come up with 3 for now. I may add more later. 


Goal 1.) $3,500 for medical OOP max

We already have $4,500 being saved into our HSA but we want to save the remaining $2,500 for our OOP max plus an extra $1,000 for an uncovered medical expense. 

Goal 2.) Regrade the yard and install water heater

This is been a waiting project for almost two years now. We have the money set aside and I'm just waiting on contractors. The water heater is supposed to be installed next week.

Goal 3.) Go on vacation

We aren't sure where or when yet, but we want to take a vacation and pay cash. Approximately $3,000. 


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