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October Check In

October 29th, 2019 at 01:52 pm

Mortgage -$113,197.37 (-$154.32)
0% CC -$4,015 (-$120)
Helitech Loan -$4562.50 ($)
Medical Loan -$2,109.65 ($)

Roth IRAs +$15,326 (+$337)
401Ks +$24,255 (+$762)
Emergency Fund +$3,359 (-$501)
Animal Fund +$104 (-$740)
Truck Fund +$1,725 (+$90)
HSA +$350 (+$103)

Overall: -$6,346.83

A terrible month for our net gain. Frown Not only did we take on a lot more debt, but I had to pay out the rest of my animal money for hay, and I had to dip into my buffer to pay for even more animal food. The reason debt did not go down was because my side income check is late. I'm guessing they will probably wait and add it to next month's check at this point. I put in a lot of hours this month thankfully. So here is to hoping November is better...

Raise & Maternity Leave

October 21st, 2019 at 02:19 pm

Now for some good news! I got a $3 an hour raise at my main job! (Effective 2020)

They did cut my vacation from 60 hours to 40 hours a year but with the raise it isn't much of a loss. Honestly I never took that much vacation anyway and always just cashed it in.

Not only that but they are going to give me 6 weeks of paid maternity leave as well! That will take a lot of the strain off because we won't have to save for my time off work. I secretly think it is because they are worried I will quit after the baby is born and by giving me a raise and maternity leave it will be harder for me to leave.

Don't plan on quitting, but I know things do change. Honestly for now though we need both of my incomes, so until our debt is paid I'm stuck. Perhaps 2021 I can think about going down to one job again if I'd like.

Husband also got a raise, around $.60 I believe. But he took a pay cut $.30 when he switched to days. So not much impact overall. We have all but $80 of the doula money saved now. Should be able to finish that off this week.

We are going on a weekend getaway this month. Just to a nearly hotel with an indoor pool. Husband finally gets a weekend off, and our anniversary is coming up so we decided to take a breather and just relax away from home. We have enough credit card rewards and date money saved to pay for the hotel and a fancy dinner so shouldn't cost us much out of pocket. It will be nice to getaway one last time before the baby comes.

New Loans

October 21st, 2019 at 02:03 pm

I finally have the total for the two new 0% interest loans I had to open.

$4,562.50 & $2,109.65

I need to make payments of $438 a month in order to pay them off before the 0% interest periods are up.

I also have to continue paying $376 a month on the CC to pay it before the promo period expires.

That is a total of $814 and my average paid on the CC this year has been $800 a month. So if I can keep going at the same rate I should be fine. But unfortunately I am working less than the beginning of the year, and with the baby on the way I know it is going to continue to decrease. So we will have to start using some of husband's overtime money towards it in addition to my side income in order to keep on track.

Back from Vacation & Updates

October 4th, 2019 at 02:40 pm

Well I'm back from vacation and was sad to find that the website was hacked and everything since April was lost. I was able to go back through google and get my monthly check ins which were the most important. I have no idea what else I talked about between then and now... So aggravating. I will be looking into backing up my important posts and possibly switching to a new blogging area. This already happened once at getrichslowly and it is sad to loose all the years of data.

Vacation was good. We did go over budget but was able to cash flow the extras.

Husband got a $500 bonus (more like $300 after tax) and should get another $250 bonus soon + a raise. So we will be putting that towards the doula. We still owe $850 by January/February.

We have lots of large expenses coming up. I just started a payment plan with the hospital for the $2,160 I couldn't cash flow with the HSA. It's 0% for two years. That will give us some wiggle room in the short term and once the baby is born and cash is less tight we can just pay it off early.

Also signed for a 0% one year loan of $4,600ish for some necessary waterproofing on the house. I am also looking into refinancing our mortgage and adding on $5k for some dirt work. Been to two different banks and have to make a decision but either one should save us a few thousand a year in interest since the rate has dropped so much. I dread getting a new appraisal since our house still has lots of unfinished projects going on and I don't feel like working on them.

I am a little worried about taking on several new loans and still continuing to pay down my 0% CC before the deadline in 11 months. This next year is going to be really tight with the baby, but if we can get through we should be debt free again.

September Check In

October 4th, 2019 at 02:24 pm

Mortgage -$113,351.69 (-$153.71)
0% CC -$4,135 (-$711)

Roth IRAs +$14,948 (+$258)
401Ks +$23,493 (+$642)
Emergency Fund +$3,860 (-$394)
Animal Fund +$844 (-$390)
Truck Fund +$1,635 (+$115)
HSA +$247 (-$490)

Overall: +$605.71

Retirement gains. Debt pay down. Car insurance was due and pulled from escrow/EF. Also had to pay about $1,000 in medical bills from the HSA. October month is going to hurt because we are taking on a significant amount of more debt, and I will be buying the last portion of hay.

August Check In

October 4th, 2019 at 02:11 pm

Mortgage -$113,505.40 (-$153.10)
0% CC -$4,846 (-$1,022)

Roth IRAs +$14,690 (-$495)
401K +$22,851 (-$528)
Emergency Fund +$4,254 (+$378)
Animal Fund +$1,234 (+$651)
Truck Fund +$1,520 (+$120)
HSA +$737 (+$106)

Overall: +$1,407.10

Progress on savings and debt pay down. Retirement loss in in the market.

July Check In

October 4th, 2019 at 02:10 pm

Mortgage -$113,658.50 (-$152.50)
0% CC -$5,868 (-$975)

Roth IRAs +$15,185 (+$308)
401K +$23,379 (+$2,424)
Emergency Fund +$3,876 (+$301)
Animal Fund +$583 (-$40)
Truck Fund +$1,400 (-$215)
HSA +$631 (-$149)

Overall: +$3,756.50

Steady progress on CC, EF, and retirement. A large chunk was from an unexpected/late contribution from husband's old employer. HSA was contributed to, but was overthrown by baby medical expenses.

June Check In

October 4th, 2019 at 02:09 pm

Mortgage -$113,811 (-$151.09)
0% CC -$6,843 (-$580)

Roth IRAs +$14,877 (+$653)
401K +$20,955 (+$1,129)
Emergency Fund +$3,575 (+$481)
Animal Fund +$623 (-$819)
Truck Fund +$1,615 (+$105)
HSA +$780 (+$240)

Overall: +$2,520.09

Markets recovered this month and everything moved up slowly but surely except for the animal fund which was wiped pretty low after the purchase of hay and a new goat.

Credit card progress is slowing down as expected since my hours are significantly slower.

May Check In

October 4th, 2019 at 02:09 pm

Mortgage -$113,962.90 (-$151.30)
0% CC -$7,423 (-$1,061)

Roth IRAs +$14,224 (-$641)
401K +$19,826 (-$665)
Emergency Fund +$3,094 (+$446)
Animal Fund +$1,442 (+$1,242)
Truck Fund +$1,510 (+$250)
HSA +$540 (+$301)

Overall: +$2,145.30

Made bigger progress this month but it was offset in the market drop of our retirement funds.

I thought it would take until August for our net worth to hit zero but I am at $-600 right now and will be positive as soon as I get my web design check this week!!

April Check In

October 4th, 2019 at 02:08 pm

Here are the April Numbers:

Mortgage -$114,114.20 (-$150.70)
0% CC -$8,484 (-$414)

Roth IRAs +$14,865 (+$485)
401K +$20,491 (+1,013)
Emergency Fund +$2,648 (+$530)
Animal Fund +$200 (-$300)
Truck Fund +$1,260 (-$160)
HSA +$239 (+$239)

Overall: +$2,371.70
Not huge progress from last month but still in the right direction. May is already looking like it will be a much better month.