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September Check In

October 7th, 2022 at 02:55 pm


Mortgage −$116,553.99 (-$239.31)
Land Loan -$11,411.57 (-$179.30)


Roth IRAs +$20,539 (-$1,426)
401K +$40,561 (-$2,060)
Emergency Fund +$8,125 (-$399)
Maternity Fund +$1,500 (+$430)
Animal Fund +$1,678 (+$6)
Car Fund +$20 (-$0)
HSA +$1,130 (-$923)

Overall: -$3,953.39

Ouch! Markets are down, and our savings are down. Even sadder is the fact that we got an extra $600 in back pay this month. We did go on vacation, which was supposed to be to Florida, and then of course once we got there Hurricaine Ian was coming so we had to abandon that plan and leave to another state. Bad timing for sure, but thankful we were able to get out and praying for all the residents there. That did end up changing our costs a bit but we only went over about $400 and we have $600 in flight credits for next time so really it's a wash. 

Otherwise just lots of expenses that popped up, including a much needed new (used) lawn mower because our old small one couldn't handle the new acreage of land we purchased. 

Husband's raise contract passed, not the number he was wanting but he did also get some extra vacation time, and possibly paid paternity leave for the future. Plus a couple other perks. We are expecting $50-100 extra a week depending on overtime. Hopefully that will be enough to dig us out of the hole we are sliding in.