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Updated Master List

March 31st, 2015 at 02:35 pm

Wanted to keep a list of everything that needs done before we can refinance our house. I'd really like to get this done this year. But it's pretty intimidating, so we'll see.

Must Do:


Build Permanent Goat Ramp
Paint Sunroom Windows
Side Bathroom


Refinish or Polish Floors
Trim Baseboards


Refinish or Polish Floors


Patch Outer Wall
Prime Outer Wall
Paint Outer Wall
Trim Doors
Trim Baseboards
Install Closet Door


Repaint Walls
Caulk Tub
Replace Window
Install Door
Finish Trim


Paint Door
Trim Doors
Trim Window
Crown Molding
Trim Baseboards


Patch Holes
Paint Wall
Install Trim


Replace 2 Broken Windows

Would Be Nice:

Figure Out Solution for Roof
Build 2 More Garden Boxes
Build Berry Box
Build New Goat Manger
Fence Front Pasture

Payday Update

March 30th, 2015 at 01:02 pm

Payday finally! (I hate being paid every other week. lol)

I paid off my huge credit card, which was from the plane tickets.

Put $180 in our vacation fund to bring the total to $700. Slowly getting there.

Also put back $150 for the purchase of a gun.

I passed my concealed carry class with flying colors. Out of 45 people I was in the top ten, which I think is pretty good considering I've only shot a hand gun once before. Wink

I beat out my husband pretty badly, and people are calling me Annie Oakley. Haha.

The instructor said I was naturally gifted. I'd love to take some more classes and really improve. But shooting is an expensive sport.

Mortgage Payment

March 27th, 2015 at 09:29 pm

Mortgage payment hit bringing my balance to $48,848.28.

Hello, $48ks!

More baby goats were born. They sure are cute. Big Grin


March 23rd, 2015 at 06:23 pm

I just ordered our airplane tickets for our summer vacation.

Unfortunately the flight we wanted went up $25 since I checked last, so I had to book a 30 minute earlier flight. Yuck. Oh well. I'm glad it's done and paid for.

Everything is reserved and ready to go, we just have to show up!

Also, just realized my state refund was finally deposited. So I went ahead and paid $225 to the Roth. Only $2,000 for my goal.

Got a letter saying our house escrow is going up this month $7. Boo.

Went to the chiro again this morning. They used ultrasound and some briofreeze on me, and whew it felt good. I was hurting pretty bad, so I hope this will help. Another appointment Wednesday, and husband is going then as well.

Goats with Picture

March 23rd, 2015 at 02:01 pm

My favorite goat had an emergency Friday. She started kidding but they got stuck, and I could not get them turned. Got her to the vet an miraculously they got them out. The first baby was half sticking out for 1.5 hours, and it lived! I couldn't believe it. Momma and all 3 babies are doing fine. All boys. Yuck. The vet charges $50 but it is well worth it to save over $1,000 in goats! I also picked up medicine for the cat, and some vaccines, so the bill was $100.

So cute!

I sold 2 goats. Originally it was suppose to be one, but the lady loved another one so much she talked me into selling her as well. I won't lie, I'm a little sad and do miss both of them Frown A bit of regret.

I used that money to pay my license plate renewal, pay the vet bill, and pay for another load of hay.

This morning another goat kidded 2 babies. And another is due in 2 days. I'm loving it!

Went to the Chiropractor

March 20th, 2015 at 03:35 pm

I feel much better already. She says it might take a while to fully heal. My muscles and ligaments are very tight and damaged. Worse than I thought. So I have another appointment set up for next week.

Glad I went.

Selling my goat tonight, I'll be happy to have the money. My license plate sticker is due, and I'm going to be having some recurring medical bills coming in soon that are necessary. Boo.

Hopefully this won't detour me from my goals too much.

My goats should start kidding any time now. How exciting!

Insurance Claim

March 17th, 2015 at 03:27 pm

Finally got word back from the wreck we were in last month.

They want us to settle for $1,000 and 60 days of medical treatments if needed.

I was not expecting any money, so part of me was like woo hoo!

BUT, both my back and my husband's are still hurting. So I worry we may have more than soft tissue damage. If that is the case, I hate to settle and then a couple months down the road find out we need more treatment.

We are both planning on going to the chiropractor soon. I have been advised to wait until after that and see how our backs are feeling.

What would you do? I don't want to try to milk any money. But I don't want to be stuck with medical bills either. Should I be happy with what they offered and settle now? Or wait a couple more weeks until our backs are healed?

ETA: They gave husband's brother full amount for his car thankfully, and he has since bought a new car he likes better.


March 13th, 2015 at 03:33 pm

Put $250 in the Roth, $100 in vacation, put back $120 for a class I'm taking next week, and paid off the credit card.

Also sold a goat that is getting picked up on Sunday. Not sure what I'm doing with that $200 yet. Maybe Animal Fund.


March 2nd, 2015 at 02:05 pm

I was in a 4 car accident Saturday.

Myself, my husband, his brother "R", and two of our friends went shopping. About 30 minutes before we headed home it started snowing really hard. We lived an hour and a half away on a good day, but we weren't sliding or anything, so we just slowed down and was fine.

We were in the left lane on the interstate, a blue car was behind us, and a tan car diagonally behind us. I guess the blue car tried to pass us on the right and didn't see the tan car, so he went into her lane and barely hit her.

She tried to swerve out of the way and went off the road. We witnessed this in the rear view mirror and "R" said, "Oh my gosh! We just missed a major accident." Not 2 seconds later she over corrected and slid on the snow sideways (drivers side) in front of us. R hit the brakes and missed her, but she hit the guard rail, spun around, and came back across sideways facing the other way now. We T-Boned her, and it brought us to a dead stop. The crash was so loud, my ears were ringing and I was disoriented. About 3 seconds later, another white car that was behind us couldn't stop and hit us in the side and then bounced off and hit the rail. My husband screamed for us to get down, and threw his body over me and my friend. We thought for sure that there would be more cars, or a semi that would run us over. (The crash completely blocked all lanes) Thankfully there was no one else was close behind us.

Myself and my friend happened to see her coming in a split second and braced ourselves. My husband was behind the driver and his view was blocked, so he whip lashed and hit the seat. The two in front had airbags go off.

I was so proud of my husband. Before I could even become oriented again he was already on the phone with 911.

The guy in the white car was only 17, and he was so nice. He was out checking everyone, he even gave me his gloves. Very mature.

The guy in the blue car must have braked after her hit her, because he was behind and pulled past us after the wreck and parked his car. He got out, looked at his bumper and screamed to someone on the phone that "it is drivable." Then he got back in his car and took off, without even looking back or checking on the lady he could have just killed.

The guy in the white car had friends in a different car behind us, so they jumped in their car and took off after him.

Everyone is okay besides just minor seat belt burn, soreness, small bruises. The lady in the tan car was hit on 3 sides, and was trapped in until rescue came. It was a miracle that we were all in such good shape. Praise God!

The worst part was, that we had to stand on the side of the interstate in the snow for close to 2 hours. It took over 30 minutes just for the police to arrive. All of us only had light jackets on. (It was a nice day when we left.) I don't know if I've ever been so cold and wet. Not a single police officer or medic offered us blankets, or to warm up in their car!

Then when they cleaned everything up, they asked us if we had a ride. We were like, uh, no, we live an hour and a half away. So they flagged down the tow truck, they they took us back to their shop. We waited there for a couple more hours until my father and father-in-law picked us up.

I was so terrified on the way home. By then the snow was much worse, and trailer trucks were passing us going 60 mph, and coming in our lane. I thought we would never make it home.

But we did, and we are all safe and sound. All of us are pretty sore, but we will recover. I do feel really bad for "R" because he hasn't had the car for long, and he won't get what he paid for it back from the insurance.

The police called and told us that they caught the guy that caused it and ran, and that he got several citations. I really hope he gets slammed. I can't believe how selfish he was, and careless about someone's life.

I hope I never have to be in another wreck again, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be scared to drive in snow anymore. You might be a safe driver, but you never know when some idiot is going to do something stupid.

PS: Kitty is holding his own. He hasn't went back to being unresponsive. But he still can't walk around much. He seems content to lay around.