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Last Day of Work

December 31st, 2014 at 06:21 pm

Today is my last day of my "real job."

I already turned in my keys, and I'll be going home in less than an hour. I'm nervous, but also excited. I can't wait to start my new job on Monday.

Until then I'm going to have a relaxing weekend at home, and visit with some friends. Tonight we are hosting a party. Tomorrow husband is off work, and we will get to spend some time together.

Money will be tight but doable, as long as I get paid by February. My parents already told me not to worry and that they will help if I need anything.

Boots the cat is doing well. Things are really looking good in life right now. Here's to a new year!

Goals for 2015

December 29th, 2014 at 07:34 pm

I've noticed everyone else posting their goals for the new year, so I though I would go ahead and talk about mine.

I'm setting the bar high again, even though I didn't complete my goals this year. I think it's better to push yourself to try harder.

1.) $4,500 in EF

This is a repeat from last year. I didn't get it done, so it's at the top of the list. I am currently sitting at $2,575 so I need $1,925 to finish this off.

2.) Add $2,500 to Roth IRA

This year I completed my goal of putting $2,000 in my Roth, so I'm going to push myself to put the same plus an additional $500.

3.) $1,000 for Animal Fund

Another goal that didn't get completed previously. Just wanting to get a cash buffer so if there is a vet emergency or if another big animal related purchase comes up, I will be covered.

4.) Pay of LOC

Not a big priority to me, but husband is starting to bug on it. So this may move up the list.

5.) Save $1,000 for a Truck

Husband wants a "new" truck. Maybe in the next year, but not entirely sure. So just setting a low goal that may change.

All totaled that is about $11,500 to come up with this year. I don't have nearly that much extra cash each month, so we'll see how creatively I can complete these goals!

Christmas Disaster Averted

December 26th, 2014 at 01:53 pm

We nearly had heartbreak at my house. Tuesday my cat I've had since I was little was acting a little strange. He would meow at you when you tried to touch him, and he was not being his super snuggly self.

In the middle of the night I rolled over and bumped him and he hissed at me. (He sleeps in bed with us) I didn't think too much about it, because we just got home from vacation and I thought maybe he was just cranky at me.

Wednesday morning he wouldn't jump down from the bed. So I went to pick him up and sit him down. As soon as I put him down he fell over. Then he instantly started going in circles. Over and over and over. Around and around. I couldn't get him to stop, and he would fall over every couple loops.

I panicked. I was thinking stroke or something wrong with his brain. I called the vet, and thankfully I got the last appointment of the day. Over the phone they agreed that it sounded like a neurological problem.

Even on the way, in the pet carrier he was still going in tiny little circles. Of course he went potty in there, and then got it all over him.

It was so pitiful. The only way to keep him from spinning was to hold him against your body. So his neck couldn't turn. It was very scary. After cleaning him and looking at him, the vet decided he has an inner ear infection which was causing his balance to be off. Praise the Lord! She was so impressed by him and said he was the sweetest cat she has ever seen. He was very calm, and was even purring as she did all his check up. When she was cleaning between his toes he would spread them apart and she thought it was hilarious. He loves his toes rubbed.

They gave him a steroid shot and an antibiotic shot. And I have oral medicine to give him twice a day. I can't believe how fast the steroid worked. Within only an hour or two he was almost completely walking straight again, and back to his normal happy self.

I am SO happy he is okay. This is my baby. He literately stays with me the entire time I am home. While I working at the couch he will sit with me, he sleeps in bed with me, when I eat dinner he sits under the table or lays on my lap. Even when I shower he sleeps on the bath mat waiting for me, and it has been like this for over a decade. He is the smartest and loveliest cat I have ever seen. He even does tricks like a dog does! He is one in a million. I've had many cats over the years, but none can compare.

The oral medicine isn't going so well. It's cherry flavored and bright red. What the heck. He hates it, and spits it everywhere, staining everything with red sticky syrup.

Just so glad to have my snuggle buddy back.


December 22nd, 2014 at 03:13 pm

Well husband and I kept getting Chase Freedom credit card offers in the mail. And last night I finally decided to apply. It's 5% cash back in specific categories, and also there is $100 bonus if you spent $500 in 3 months. So why not... Free money.

I applied and got accepted! $2,500 credit line. Which doesn't really matter since I will never use that much, but oh well. The extra available credit will help raise our credit score.

Since I got accepted, husband went ahead and applied as well. And he was also accepted for a $4,500 credit line! (He makes more than I do)

Whoot whoot. I will change our automatic bills such as propane and internet over to the new card ASAP and that will nearly get to the bonus money by its self.

Today when I logged into Capital One, I realized they also raised my credit limit from $1,500 to $2,500. Funny that it should happen on the same day.

So in one day we just increased our credit limit by $8,000. Haha. Not bad.

Working hard to train the person for my current job. Only a few days left, until I am FREE! Can't wait to move into the next chapter of my life. Figures that as soon as I am less busy, all our friends will be gone, and I will be alone again. Oh well.

I'm Back!

December 22nd, 2014 at 03:05 pm

Back from vacation and my feet are hitting the ground running. So busy!

Vacation was fun, but I'm certainly paying for it now. (With time not money)

I spent $15 there, and I also had to pay family $50 to feed animals while I was gone. But hey, $65 for a 5 day vacation, isn't bad!

Today I came in early and am going to skip lunch so I can get off early at 3. Then I have to do our grocery shopping, feed animals, and go to best friend's house. She got married Saturday, and I had to miss her wedding. Frown So I'm stopping by to meet her new mother and father in law. Then at 5.30 we are going to bake cookies with different friends that we haven't seen for a very long time.

Then tomorrow it's work again and then go to the movies until late. Then Wednesday it's work, and spend evening with parents in law. (They celebrate their Christmas on Christmas Eve.)

Then Christmas of course, and next day I will visit with best friend one last time before she moves to another country. Frown

The next week we will visit with friends as much as possible before they go back home for another year, and we are also having a New Year's party. So very very busy.

Money update post coming up!

Passed my Goal

December 15th, 2014 at 04:43 pm

Well my smaller goal.

Hoping to get my EF to $4,500 but it just wasn't possible this year.

I did get past $2,500, so I'm still happy. I think I'll be able to get my EF where I want it by the end of February at the latest. So that's really only 2 months past my original deadline. Not bad.

Until the end of the year, I'm going to just try to pay down debt as much as possible, to make the job transition as smooth as it can be. Focusing on credit card and paying a few things I owe myself. If that gets accomplished I will move onto the LOC.

Leaving on vacation on Wednesday. Should be a fun, and hopefully cheap trip.


December 12th, 2014 at 07:20 pm

Well husband got his Christmas bonus today. It was $500 smaller than we expected. Frown

Kind of a bummer, but trying to just be thankful that he gets one at all. I sure don't get a bonus.

But of course that means, that a lot less will be going to savings. We haven't hashed it out yet, but I'm guessing only a couple hundred.

Tomorrow we are going on a dinner date, husband is finishing his Christmas shopping, and we are getting a few much needed articles of clothing.

Also have a baby shower, and am helping my best friend finish her wedding planning. (It's next week!)

Inching Foward

December 8th, 2014 at 03:20 pm

Mortgage payment hit bring my balance down to $49,489.34.

I also sent $75 to my EF, leaving only $275 to complete my short term goal.

While I know I can come up with that, I'm also trying to pay off my credit card completely before the end of the year, since I will be switching jobs and don't know how fast I will get the first pay check. So I'm not sure I will be able to do both. I have about $375 on the credit card, but I add about $50 a week to it for gas.

I have anywhere from $100 - $150 left over a week to put to work. So as you can see, the money isn't there to do both. Crossing my fingers that money comes in, in other ways.

The 2 goats got picked up yesterday. That money is set back for the next load of hay.

The Finish Line

December 2nd, 2014 at 03:29 pm

Only 5 more hours of internship work and a presentation on Monday and I am officially completed with my Web Design Degree!

So excited to be nearing the finish line with school. It's been a long time coming, and I am looking forward to getting my life back.

Just for Snafu

December 1st, 2014 at 02:30 pm

Last week snafu posted a comment asking a bunch of questions, and I just didn't get time to reply. So I thought it would be easier to just create a new post. My answers are in bold.

What was the outcome of the laboratory bill that was rejected by your insurer?

Haven't heard anything more yet, or received a bill. Just crossing my fingers I don't get one.

What expenses do you anticipate for your home based goat business?

Hay, grain, testing, shots, medicines, wormer, etc. I have all the numbers written down, but don't have it in front of me. No big expenses this year unless I decide to finish fencing the pasture.

What is the deadline for ROTH contributions for the year ending 2014?

April 15th I believe

$ 300. gross, $ ? net. What deductions do you anticipate? Medical?

$300 is NET.. No insurance, yet. He said if we do well, it will be something we can get in the future. Which doesn't bother me. I am still on my parents'.

Do you actually get paid every week or will they pay bi weekly, 15th & last business day of ea. month?
Will you get holiday pay or any other tangible benefit from your current employer in your final pay?

Paid every other week. No holiday pay, or other benefits at this time. But again, if we do well, they are options in the future.

If you possibly can eke out time, I suggest you open a separate [free of charges] bank account for your business. You need to know how much you gain in 'receivables, how much you expend in expenses and how much you have personally 'loaned' the business since you started or can figure out at least for 2014. There are so many tax deductions available to you for your home based business.

I have a separate bank account for the goats already. I have not counted it as a business, or put it on my taxes at all. My previous years all the profit has been put straight back into buying more fencing, etc.

As to do you plan to allocate payments from the buyer of the Cobalt? I have always made it a point to pay off CC two days before due date. ROTH has a deadline so I see that as a priority. I don't recall the interest rate on LOC. I'd loan the goat fund a set sum each pay until reaching the # 1K limit. You can snatch that back as soon as you have goat profit and slide it to you EF to $ 5K or whatever you've set as your target for 2015.

I'm planning to send the Cobalt payments straight towards the LOC. May send them to ROTH if I am running close to the deadline. CC is always paid weeks in advance, so no issues there.

Did you get that long list of winter ready tasks done?

Getting close with that. Just a few little things left.

Friends & Family Time

December 1st, 2014 at 02:04 pm

This week has been crazy busy!

Thursday we spent all day with husband's family for thanksgiving. Friday I got up extra early, worked a few hours, went shopping, worked a few more hours, then cooked for my family's thanksgiving.

Saturday we got up and built a new dog pen for Juno, cleaned the goat house out, went grocery shopping, put up our tree, went through and sorted over 10 boxes of Christmas stuff, cooked my families thanksgiving, and ate with my family!

Sunday church, then husband's parents for lunch, my best friends bridal shower, back to work, ice cream with dad, and then visiting with a friend from out of town.

Whew. I'm exhausted. But it was fun. Lots of time with family and good friends.

I spent more money than I would have liked, but my Christmas shopping is DONE! Whoot whoot! This is the earliest I have ever finished.

The bad news is that Juno escaped from her new pen last night, and got in with the goats. Luckily she didn't hurt anyone, but now she is back in her tiny pen. Frown That dog.

Also it's very icy here, so trying to decide if I should go into work, or call in. I HATE missing work. But last year I wrecked my car trying to go in when I shouldn't have. So I'm torn.

I'm hoping husband gets his Christmas bonus soon. That chunk of cash would be most welcomed.