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August Check In

August 30th, 2021 at 08:11 pm


Mortgage −$119,977.62 (-$232.14)


Roth IRAs +$21,330 (+$179)
401K +$43,486 (+$764)
Emergency Fund +$8,997 (+$206)
Maternity Fund +$1,425 (+$425)
Animal Fund +$1,462(+$201)
Car Fund +$20 (-$0)
HSA +$2,662  (+$362)

Overall: +$2,369.14



Feels like time before the baby is slipping away. Still so much to do at home to prepare such as get a car seat and clean the house. We are in the home stretch which is both exciting and scary!

My old dog has both cancer and heartworms. Not completely unexpected because he has been declining for a while. He does get monthly heartworm prevention but I am not perfectly good at giving it at the same time every month. Sadly the steroids which would slow down the tumor growth would also quicken the heartworms, and heartworm treatment would be too hard on his frail body. We are going to try the slow kill method, recheck in 6 months and if the worms have decreased we will start him on steroids to hopefully slow down the cancer. Surgery or chemo was not advised by the vet because of his age and tumor growth. Of course the vet has no idea on a timeline, he could pass away tomorrow or make it another year or more. Just taking each day one at a time and making sure to make him comfortable and happy as long as possible.