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Made a 401K Mistake

November 30th, 2023 at 02:54 pm

From what I understood my husband's work would 100% match the first 1% you contributed and then 50% match up to 5%. But going through our retirement accounts yesterday for the end of the month I noticed that it said 50% up to an additional 5% contribution. So a total of 6% to get all the employer matching. Ugh!


That means we have been missing out on free money all this time. I am wondering if they didn't change it at the last union contract because I originally thought it was 100% up to 3% and then 50% up to 5%. But who knows. I immediately upped our contribution to get the max matching. They also contribute an additional 2.5%-ish in a lump in Decemeber. So we will be up to 12% in his Roth 401K a year plus we put 5% in my Roth IRA.  

17% isn't great but isn't terrible. Thankfully we have time on our side and everything is Roth so tax free in the future. 

November Check In

November 30th, 2023 at 02:41 am


Mortgage -$113,171.44 (-$240.27)
Land Loan -$8,778.12 (-$191.07)
Hospital Bill -$516.41 (-$75)


Roth IRAs +$27,735 (+$2,448)
401K +$56,006 (+$5,387)
Emergency Fund +$6,782 (-$329)
Animal Fund +$1,031 (+$253)
Car Fund +$240 (+$20)
HSA +$1,633 (+$894)

Overall: +$9,179.34

The numbers seem really skewed from the large market increase.

Overall my cash is down, and I owe some to myself for Christmas presents which thankfully are all pretty much already purchased.

I finally got some good news regarding my health issues. The lung doctor my cardiologist referred me to couldn’t fit me in until late June, and I couldn’t wait that long so they referred me to the only other doctor who knew anything about my rare disease. He wasn’t the first pick but at least he could get me in before February.

Well today the original doctor called me and said he personally reviewed my case and that I was too complicated for anyone else to handle. So he just went ahead and double booked me in for early January!

My surgery is still scheduled for next week, (with my cardiologist and a random pulmonologist) and I am very excited at the prospect of feeling better soon. I am also super nervous about catching an illness before then and getting it cancelled. I have some plans for tomorrow and then after that I think I’m going to try to stay home and lay low to avoid germs.

Quick Health Update

November 14th, 2023 at 03:05 pm

Since my last post a couple weeks ago, I got strep throat again! My immune system is so bad.

 I ended up going ahead and pulling the money from savings to pay for the surgery and get the discount, BUT in a sad turn of events the Dr. decided the day before with all the recent illnesses that I wasn’t healthy enough for anesthesia and cancelled it.

 I was absolutely devastated and bawled and begged but they would not give in. I think that is so dumb since the entire reason I am sick is because I need this surgery and I will continue to decline until it’s done. I’ve already waited for 5 months.

 They still did my CT scan as scheduled and it showed my lungs are worse than they thought, and besides my normal exceedingly rare lung disease it looks like I have aspergillus which is a serious fungal infection from black mold.

Will have to do the surgery to test it, which they rescheduled for December. They are now saying “oops I guess we should have done it as originally planned.” Yeah no kidding. They told me it needed to be taken care of asap but have no sooner appointments, so as of now I just get to be miserable and sick for another month.

I am instructed to come to the ER if I start running fevers again, and hopefully they will be forced to do surgery. We’ll see.