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Catching Up

January 14th, 2020 at 02:25 pm

Finally making a dent instead of falling behind.

3 puppies went to their new homes saving me approximately $30 a week in food, plus a lot of stress. 5 goats also left.

I used the money to save enough for my load of hay next month, to buffer my animal money a bit for when I'm out on maternity leave, and I also paid my cushion back. I am almost out of the hole and have refilled my EF. Less than $100 to go. That makes me feel a lot more comfortable.

Since this month is actually an extra paycheck month for my husband I am hoping to put a couple hundred towards next months bills.

Our nursery carpet is getting installed today! We finally took down the Christmas decorations and tree, and I'm trying to pack my hospital bag. Our house is still a wreck but hopefully we will be able to get the nursery sorted this week, and get everything cleaned before this baby comes.

Animals and Taxes

January 8th, 2020 at 04:06 pm

Another good thing that happened this week. I finally took pictures and re-posted my puppies and was able to sell several of them. A couple are waiting to be picked up, and I am still in contact with more possible buyers. Hopefully in the next week or so I will be down to just a couple. Which is much more manageable and cheaper.

I am also selling some goats tomorrow. The little bit of money will be a welcome help.

Am I the only one bugging about taxes already? I am checking the mail everyday hoping for all the documents to come in. I want to submit now! lol. Unfortunately since I am a sub-contractor, have several savings and retirement accounts, and we have two W2 jobs we have to wait on a lot of different companies to send us stuff. I hate waiting. I would love to be able to complete our taxes before the baby comes but I doubt that is going to happen. We'll see how punctual everyone is. I am cautiously optimistic we may get a good sum back this year and will be able to either pay down debt or save for retirement.

Finishing the Nursery

January 8th, 2020 at 03:51 pm

We met our goal and got the nursery construction DONE! Well mostly...

We finished the wall rebuilding, drywalling, mudding and taping, priming, painting, new ceiling fan, fixed the electric, built a closet, and handmade all our own trim. Husband took off last weekend and we were able to knock it all out.

We cleaned and cleaned the original 100+ yr old hardwood floors but no matter what we did they are in terrible shape. They are very splintery, parts of the floor is completely missing stain so it's hideous and dirty, and there are large cracks which let drafts in. We had planned on getting a large rug, but it wouldn't cover everything. We have this beautiful new room with disgusting floors. Last minute my mom graciously offered to purchase carpet for us. Sooo now we are waiting on that rush order to get installed before we can "move in" the furniture and stuff. We are hoping by early next week.

Although I am not really a fan of carpet it seemed to make the most sense to make the nursery warmer, safer, and more comfortable for the time being. In a few years we plan on replacing all the hardwood floors, but until then this will be a good alternative. I just hope we picked a good color!

Anxiously awaiting being able to start decorating and organizing all the things. We still have a couple small projects to do like repainting the dresser, hanging a decorative wall panel, and caulking the closet but they are just wants.

Tonight we are installing the drawers and shelves in the closet, which we have decided to leave without doors for now. We are going for a more decorative built in bookcase look since we have a wardrobe for the actual hanging clothes.

January Debt Payments

January 3rd, 2020 at 03:48 pm

January is starting out well. Paid our mortgage bringing the balance to $112,730.75. I paid $100 towards the medical loan bringing the balance to $1,800. With husband's overtime from last week we have enough to pay $400 towards the construction loan bringing the balance to $3,550. Once the rest of my web income comes in I will have $400 to put towards the CC bringing the balance to $2,700!

Not bad for the first week of the month. Husband is taking off this weekend so we can hopefully finish construction on the nursery and start moving in. Good thing because I am technically "full term" now and could go any time. (Yikes!) Not sure how much more overtime he will get before the baby comes, but any extra income this month will be saved for February bills.

End of the 2019 Year Net Worth Update

January 3rd, 2020 at 03:32 pm

Cash/Liquid Savings:

$105 Animal Fund ($590)
$1,129 Escrow Fund ($690)
$1,100 EF ($1,000)
$1,665 Car Fund ($1,205)
$506 HSA

$4,505 Total Liquid Savings ($3,486)


$26,208 DH's 401K ($16,930)
$4,256 DH's IRA ($3,400)
$11,961 My IRA ($8,630)

$42,425 Total Retirement ($28,960)


-$112,887 Mortgage (-$114,713)
-$3,100 Home CC (-$12,360)
-$3,950 Helitech Loan
-$1,900 Medical Loan

-$121,837 Total Liabilities (-$127,073) / -$8,950 Non-Mortgage Debt (-$12,360)

2019 Total Net Worth: -$74,907
2019 Net Worth without Mortgage: $37,980

Numbers in () are last year's figures for comparison.

Our retirement accounts went up quite a bit.

Liquid savings did not increase very much due to pregnancy and large medical bills.

We added 2 new debts this year but total unsecured debt is still less than last year so that's a win! Hopefully 2020 will be the year we are debt free again.