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April Check In - Lots of Vet Bills

May 1st, 2023 at 03:25 am


Mortgage −$114,862.67 (-$243.36)
Land Loan -$10,111.59 (-$188.36)
Hospital Bill - $1,041.41 (-$94.44)


Roth IRAs +$26,232 (+$577)
401K +$49,947 (+$1,533)
Emergency Fund +$8,188 (+$1,292)
Animal Fund +$1,206 (-$495)
Car Fund +$20 (-$0)
HSA +$885 (+$143)

Overall: +$3,576.16

The month looks better on paper than it actually was. The market is up, but our general budget money is down. Unfortunately my dog was acting a bit off so I took him to the vet and shockingly found out he likely had an aggressive cancer. Within 3 days he had worsened considerably and I took him back and sadly had to make the decision to put him to sleep before we could even get an official biopsy. Frown He was only 3 years old and I lost my other older male last year to the same thing. Plus I had to make the decision on my lifetime horse just a couple months ago. I’m just heart broken, and of course had to pull from my animal fund to pay for pricey unexpected vet bills. Now we will also have to consider getting a new dog and all the expenses that come with that since they are working dogs and I really need to find a new partner asap for my remaining old dog. 

Overtime was hard to come by this month but I did have a yard sale and made a couple hundred dollars which helped us cash flow some things, and cleaned out some junk! This week I have vet appointments for 3 year shots for 4 animals. Ouch. Which I didn’t save for. Double oops. I think two of them I will only get 1 year shots this time so I can get them back on a rotating schedule and I only have to pay for a couple animals each year. 

There is also another $1,000 hospital bill on the CC which will drain the HSA as soon as the next paycheck is deposited. 

I was reimbursed all the money I had put down for the vacation deposit from family so that is where the biggest chunk of increase came from this month. I’ve been working as much as I can on web design so hopefully that will be enough along with more overtime to keep us gaining in May.