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Been Busy

November 19th, 2019 at 02:56 pm

It's been a busy couple weeks.

Took care of some financial things. Got the property taxes all paid, got the mystery 401K contribution from husband's old employer rolled over into his new 401K. Finished the yearly open enrollment for insurance, and I had my baby shower.

I got a ton of stuff. Now I need to sort through all of it and see what I actually need to keep and what I still need. The nursery is not finished so the presents are currently stacked and taking up my entire living room, along with the other stuff I already had which is taking up my entire foyer. lol.

We are hoping to go get some paint samples tonight for nursery. The mudding is like 99% done, just need to check it all over one last time. Then it will be primer, paint, new ceiling fan, a decorative panel we are adding, trim, polishing the floors, and finally furniture. Whew. Lots to do in the last 10 weeks before baby is due.

I'm Back & Debt Payments

November 11th, 2019 at 02:35 pm

I'm back from a goat show with my mom. We won $800 but after expenses and splitting the net profit I made $100. It is mostly for fun and also promoting/improving our herd so any profit is just a bonus.

My web design income from last month came in. I paid $562.50 on the construction loan so it's down to $4,000 and I paid $165 on the CC so it's down to $3,500. That surpasses my minimum monthly goal, so that is good news. I love seeing those round numbers!

Husband has in fact been working 3 weeks straight, some days 12 hours. I'm sure that will give us a tidy sum to put towards debt next month even with my side income decrease.

Ebbs and Flows

November 6th, 2019 at 03:54 pm

Found out unexpectedly last week that I lost a very large client that I have been working with 6+ months. Bummer. I haven't been taking on anything else because it took up so much time. So I literally have no web design to currently work on. I do have a small project starting in December, and possibly another one before then. I have also been trying to get a mid sized job which I was hoping was going to be extra but now it looks like I really need it for next month's debt payments. Sigh. How frustrating. Just a reminder how fluid contract work is. Sometimes I'm slammed and sometimes I have nothing...

Oh well. Thankful I have my steady office job to meet most of my needs, and the side income is just for debt repayment.

Hopefully I will get my check from last month soon to pay towards the construction loan.

Striking a 2019 Goal

November 1st, 2019 at 03:59 pm

Well despite last month's hardships I am happy to announce that today I am able to strike/complete one of my 2019 goals.

Today was payday, and I received a small design check, so I was able to send $350 to the credit card, and $109.65 to the medical bill. Which brings my debt payoff amount to approximately $7,775 this year.

Reducing those two debts to $3,665 & $2,000.

Happy to see the CC hit below the next thousand mark. Once my side income check comes in I should be able to add quite a bit more to debt. Although I am considering using some to fill my buffer back up as well.

Besides that husband has been told he likely has to work the next 19 days straight... Bad for him, but the overtime will help us get some of the baby items we need, and maybe pay down more debt. We will have to wait and see.