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Updated Master List

March 31st, 2015 at 02:35 pm

Wanted to keep a list of everything that needs done before we can refinance our house. I'd really like to get this done this year. But it's pretty intimidating, so we'll see.

Must Do:


Build Permanent Goat Ramp
Paint Sunroom Windows
Side Bathroom


Refinish or Polish Floors
Trim Baseboards


Refinish or Polish Floors


Patch Outer Wall
Prime Outer Wall
Paint Outer Wall
Trim Doors
Trim Baseboards
Install Closet Door


Repaint Walls
Caulk Tub
Replace Window
Install Door
Finish Trim


Paint Door
Trim Doors
Trim Window
Crown Molding
Trim Baseboards


Patch Holes
Paint Wall
Install Trim


Replace 2 Broken Windows

Would Be Nice:

Figure Out Solution for Roof
Build 2 More Garden Boxes
Build Berry Box
Build New Goat Manger
Fence Front Pasture

4 Responses to “Updated Master List”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    You probably don't need to all that to refinance...those things won't necessarily improve the value is my point. An appraisal is going to look at home many rooms you have, types of rooms, square footage and so forth. Unless it is in very ill repair those don't need to be done for your refinance, but maintenance does have to happen on every house.

    I also have a running list of maintenance tasks. Home ownership is a never ending business!

  2. klarose Says:

    Well I agree it doesn't 100% have to be done. But I really think our appraisal will go up if we actually have trim around the windows and not just insulation sticking out. lol.

    Some are items that they said did have to be done, such as residing the bathroom.

    Mostly it's just a guideline, but we do eventually need to do all of it. I'd like to have a mostly finished house, and not a construction zone. Wink

  3. snafu Says:

    On my, long list! If it's your plan to re-fi in 2015, what items have to be done for the higher appraisal? What cost for materials needed, can family help with labour and know how? Can you check how window trim affects appraisal for example? What items on your list will also increase the property tax assessment?

    Some items seem very important like roofing problems. Patching, prime, paint exterior walls are all weather related, hot in summer; cold in winter with potential to deteriorate siding. Bathrooms need a door for privacy and likely affect appraisal. Caulking tub ranks high to keep floors and beams from rotting and mould away.

    Can your goat business afford to build the desired new manger or permanent goat ramp?

  4. klarose Says:

    All of them are fairly cheap fixes and/or I have the materials on hand. The costly ones are going to be the windows, and the flooring.

    Time and motivation are the limiting factors.

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