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Back from Vacation & Updates

October 4th, 2019 at 02:40 pm

Well I'm back from vacation and was sad to find that the website was hacked and everything since April was lost. I was able to go back through google and get my monthly check ins which were the most important. I have no idea what else I talked about between then and now... So aggravating. I will be looking into backing up my important posts and possibly switching to a new blogging area. This already happened once at getrichslowly and it is sad to loose all the years of data.

Vacation was good. We did go over budget but was able to cash flow the extras.

Husband got a $500 bonus (more like $300 after tax) and should get another $250 bonus soon + a raise. So we will be putting that towards the doula. We still owe $850 by January/February.

We have lots of large expenses coming up. I just started a payment plan with the hospital for the $2,160 I couldn't cash flow with the HSA. It's 0% for two years. That will give us some wiggle room in the short term and once the baby is born and cash is less tight we can just pay it off early.

Also signed for a 0% one year loan of $4,600ish for some necessary waterproofing on the house. I am also looking into refinancing our mortgage and adding on $5k for some dirt work. Been to two different banks and have to make a decision but either one should save us a few thousand a year in interest since the rate has dropped so much. I dread getting a new appraisal since our house still has lots of unfinished projects going on and I don't feel like working on them.

I am a little worried about taking on several new loans and still continuing to pay down my 0% CC before the deadline in 11 months. This next year is going to be really tight with the baby, but if we can get through we should be debt free again.

5 Responses to “Back from Vacation & Updates”

  1. crazyliblady Says:

    Yes, apparently there have been some issues, but I did not know it was hacking. Keeping it frugal has set up an alternate site for us to meet on. Check her post titled "Whew!" for information on how to get invited.

  2. Petunia 100 Says:

    Do you use Google drive? You could copy any entries you want to keep to a document and keep them on Google drive, so you can always access them from any device.

    Glad you had a good vacation. Smile

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Glad hubby got a bonus. I'm sure if you watch your money, you can get through it and not be in debt.

  4. Jenn Says:

    I'm surprised the hospital is arranging payment already. I don't think we had to think about it until the bill arrived after the babies were born.

  5. klarose Says:

    Jenn it's not even a bill for the baby. I had to get a bunch of additional testing on me so I'm being billed for that.

    Although I have/do receive some bills from the hospital for the baby too but we've been able to cash flow those so far.

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