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New Loans

October 21st, 2019 at 02:03 pm

I finally have the total for the two new 0% interest loans I had to open.

$4,562.50 & $2,109.65

I need to make payments of $438 a month in order to pay them off before the 0% interest periods are up.

I also have to continue paying $376 a month on the CC to pay it before the promo period expires.

That is a total of $814 and my average paid on the CC this year has been $800 a month. So if I can keep going at the same rate I should be fine. But unfortunately I am working less than the beginning of the year, and with the baby on the way I know it is going to continue to decrease. So we will have to start using some of husband's overtime money towards it in addition to my side income in order to keep on track.

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