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March Check In

March 27th, 2020 at 02:45 pm

Mortgage -$112,416.58 (-$157.39)
Helitech Loan -$2,550 (-$600)
Medical Loan -$1,600 (-$100)

Roth IRAs +$13,202 (-$2,366)
401K +$23,139 (-$2,509)
Emergency Fund +$3,010 (-$396)
Animal Fund +$506 (+$1)
Truck Fund +$1,945 (+$100)
HSA +$1,178 (+$250)

Overall: -$4,062.61

Ouch! Markets really crashed this month. In addition I paid my 6 month car insurance. Medical bills are still sorting out but I will add them to my net worth next month, so there will be another $7k+ decline in April.

We also saved and spent $600 towards vacation this month.

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