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Taxes & Insurance Part 2

February 15th, 2020 at 02:43 am

Well I spoke too soon... Now there are several thousand out-of-network bills pending on my insurance for the NICU bill. Grr. Will just have to wait a bit longer and see if insurance decides to pay or not. If not I will be calling and seeing what I can do about it. Why is medical billing always so shady?

Taxes were deposited and with the gifts we received I was able to go ahead and pay off the credit card completely! Woo hoo! This completes my first 2020 goal, and it's only February!

Next up to go will be the construction loan. With husband working almost 60 hours of overtime this week (poor guy) I am hoping we will be able to drop it fast.

3 Responses to “Taxes & Insurance Part 2”

  1. Amber Says:

    Awesome job on paying off the card, and I hope everything works out with the billing.

  2. Greenleaf Says:

    Great job on the credit card payoff! Medical billing is super shady- would go through your insurance company for sure. I recently went through this after a car accident (not at fault) where the billing department could not seem to correctly submit things to the auto insurance company. Pretty irritating to get a personal bill for $850, then a notice that Geico paid them $168 dollars for those exact same services and it was considered all square. The back and forth with insurance billing and "costs" all such a weird game.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Insurance and billing is a game, for sure. I had an issue after my mom died and called the hospital to ask questions and make sure they noted that I was waiting on insurance and not to consider me a deadbeat. It made a world of difference by doing that. I had to fight with insurance because apparently the hospital had put in the wrong code and I had to talk to many different people at both the hospital and the insurance company to get it resolved.

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