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Mortgage Payment

January 4th, 2019 at 06:37 am

Paid my mortgage today bringing the balance to $114,564.53.

Escrow/EF savings is still automatic so our weekly $75 was deposited. I am thankful that even during tough times I can still continue to save something. Once we are back on track it would be nice to up that weekly deposit to $100. If this ordeal has shown me anything it is that we need a bigger emergency fund.

I found out that I did in fact get the large web design job I was hoping for. I will be paid $2,000 and I was planning on putting that towards animal savings but I'll wait and see how this month goes.

This is the month that I need apply for new 0% credit cards to transfer our balances to. I'll do that as soon as the statement balance hits next week. It would be really nice if I got one card with a high enough limit to put the entire amount on, but I'm guessing it will probably be two cards again. The current cards' promotional rate don't actually expire until March. So I may leave some on there that I am reasonably able pay off before March to avoid the balance transfer fee on as much as possible.

2 Responses to “Mortgage Payment”

  1. Trying to get ahead Says:

    If you are eligible, you may qualify for a Platinum Navy Federal Credit Union Visa card for an intro 0% interest rate for 12 months with an astronomical $25k limit. I just applied this morning and was immediately approved. So I will transfer my balance next week and pay off that hopefully by Easter. Link is: www.navyfcu.org.

  2. Trying to get ahead Says:

    Actually, I was approved for $25k. You may qualify for that high as well.

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