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August 30th, 2016 at 01:35 pm

Had a really nice guy come out to take a look at our house Saturday. He is suppose to give us an estimate within the week. Had pretty good feelings about him. Super nice, and he is working on a friend's house with good reviews.

I also have another company coming out this evening to take a look. I couldn't get a hold of anyone all year, and suddenly they finally started agreeing to come. Both companies would not be able to start on the project until November. So that would give us some time to put things in order, figure out a budget, etc.

Trying not to get my hopes up until we get a real figure. Who knows, it might be way out of our league.

Paid a small amount on the LOC and saved for the truck. This weekend we are going to just go window shop for a washer. If we see a deal we can't pass up we will get one, otherwise we will wait a while longer.

Besides that I've been trying to get my house in order. Cleaning, organizing, etc. I am not materialistic, and I hate junk and clutter.Most of my belongings are:
1. Animal medicine/items
2. Tools
3. Paperwork for work

Of course I can't get rid of any of that, so I'm trying to find ways to make things tidier. Our tools are nice and organized thanks to the Christmas toolbox and the workbench I built. But everything else is a disaster. I am a messy worker so my beautiful desk is in a constant state a disarray. Been looking for a paper organizer for a while but I am picky and have not found one I like yet. Might have to be a new building project...

3 Responses to “Onwards”

  1. AnotherReader Says:

    If you want a real washing machine instead of one of the "HE" models that break down and don't do a good job of cleaning, look for an older used Whirlpool model. Pick up one for around $100 and if it's in good shape, it should last over 20 years.

    If you go new, buy the machine with the fewest electronic components that has a large capacity. The Labor Day sales are on, but the prices were better overall for the 4th of July sales. Read the reviews carefully, especially the bad ones. Some brands have bad records of repair and poor customer service.

  2. klarose Says:

    Thanks for the tip. My current washing machine is a 1984 Whirlpool. So I think we are going to go new this time. But I'm definitely a review reader. Smile

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Good for you actually getting folks to come out and give you estimates. I can't figure out why in our economy in Central Illinois why we call and either never get a call back, or they put off coming out. It isn't like we don't pay our bills or whatever.

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