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Animal Fund Update

May 16th, 2016 at 03:20 pm

FINALLY added some money to the animal fund. First goat was picked up, and I sent all of it in. Most of the rest of the goats are old enough to go home, but I am dragging my feet a little calling the owners because I don't want them to leave yet. lol. I'll miss them terribly. Plus I haven't received their paperwork back yet, so it's just easier to wait.

Animal fund will see a lot of progress soon. I did purchase a goat from across the country, and will have to pay two transporters, health checks, etc. So that will cut a large chunk back out. I'm estimating around $450. I've sold one of the babies I had planned on keeping to help offset this cost, so it shouldn't deter the goal.

I was not able to send any to the computer, but I am still figuring on paying it off this month if no large expenses pop up.

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