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Job Questions & Opinions Needed

July 25th, 2014 at 04:21 pm

I have went back and forth with this so many times, and I NEED HELP!

The fact is we need more money. We get by now. We can afford to go out to eat every once in a while, and we save a little money. But we are trying to save for children, and remodel our house, and progress is so slow.

If I was being paid the same as my husband we would have an additional $800 a month. Which would go a long way towards our goals!

I make nearly half as much as my husband does. Ive been working 3 years in an office. I am only making about $1.50 more than min wage. Ive gone to college, I have skills!

My job is high stress, and I feel very under paid, and under valued. Not to mention split shifts, and no benefits.

My husband has cheap insurance (only for himself), he gets bonuses, he gets raises, he gets overtime if he wants, and every Holiday off and paid. He gets vacation. His job is low stress. I am jealous.

I work only 30 hours a week, but it is still 5 days. The split shifts mean I work 2 evenings a week as well as days, and they make me feel like I am working more than 30 hours.

I also have to work anytime we have an event. Probably a couple times a month, in addition to my regular hours. This week I have worked evenings all week. (But still no extra hours, because I have to take a longer lunch and go home a little earlier in the day. Im not allowed to get extra hours.)

I need a different job, but its hard to pull the plug.

I see a couple options.

A.) Apply where my husband works, in the office. I know they have good pay, and benefits, and they are so nice. But I dont know if I would like the work. (Sales & advertising.) Not really my thing, but I would be willing to try it. I do have a friend there, and we would save on gas money by riding together!

B.) Find a different office job somewhere with better pay. Again. I am so tired of being a secretary. But it might just be the place I work.

C.) Pick up a fun part time job. Waitressing, or something similar. Then try to do more freelance web design. This is my ideal. But then I get no benefits, boo. Plus, no guarantee of pay.

I am thinking I need to get a real 40 hour full time job. I think husband is starting to resent that I am not pulling my weight around here with the bills and such. And I have to agree. Especially since I work so hard, and am always so stressed. It is not worth it.

I would like to save for a few years, and then once we have kids I can give more freelancing a go.

But I dont know if I should apply at his work, or seek out a different job. Both? I am also unsure what job I really want. I wont be able to find a web design job locally for a business, and I am getting tired of being a secretary, even though I am good at it. I also have 3 years of experience now, so I am not a beginner. Which is a plus for a resume.

I took a test today and I can type regularly between 80-90 words per minute. That is way above the 40-45 average. So obviously these years of office work have paid off.

I am just so unsure on what to do, but I know I am very unhappy where I am now. The unknown is scary though. Frown

ETA: Another problem I have is that, I have to give my current employers a LOT of heads up if Im going to quit. This job is hard, and I trained for 2 months before I took over completely when I got hired on. If I start looking for a new job and get hired, I will be expected to start work in 2 weeks. Which wont give me enough time to train a replacement.

But at the same time, I dont want to tell them I am looking for a new job, and upset the water at my current place, in case I am not able to find new work in the near future. What to do?

8 Responses to “Job Questions & Opinions Needed”

  1. Another Reader Says:

    First of all, two weeks notice is standard. If you tell them you are looking, they may let you go.

    I would apply for everything that pays what you need to make for which you have the qualifications. With a college education, you can apply for a broad range of jobs. With your web design background, you may be able to work remotely. No idea what the economy is like where you are, but even here in Silicon Valley a job hunt can take several months, especially if you are not a software developer.

  2. klarose Says:

    They wont let me go. They love me, and need me. But your right, I wouldnt want to upset things. What do I do then? Apply and find a new job, get hired then just give them my 2 weeks? I feel like that would upset them too. Arg. It is a sensitive thing. These people are personal friends. And I will still have to be around them on a weekly basis. So Im trying to do this as politely as possible.

    I have not got my degree yet. I have to finish my internship first. Should I finish the internship before I even start looking for a new job? Its just one semester, but I keep putting it off due to being busy. The degree likely shouldnt affect any jobs locally, since they are different fields. But you never know. It would be nice to write graduated on there.

    And I do worry, it will take a few months... Or more! But I am hoping since I do have some skills and experience I will have a foot in the door.

  3. My English Castle Says:

    Is there a time limit during which you have to complete your internship? That might help you make a decision? And while it's nice of you to worry about training a replacement, you don't owe your current employer anything more than that two weeks. Employers can take care of themselves. You should watch out for you, I think.

  4. CB in the City Says:

    I agree with EC. Employers replace workers all the time; it's what they do. Sure, they hate to lose a good one, but you shouldn't compromise your own life for them. They will be just fine, trust me.

    Perhaps the internship would lead into a permanent job? I would get that degree done; you never know what doors might open for you.

  5. snafu Says:

    Yet another voice explaining you need to put yourself 1st. You absolutely need to complete the requirements for your degree as it is a minimum necessary for the majority of jobs, no matter the specifics. I suggest adjusting your resume to make it clear your internship will complete at the end of the semester resulting in your degree..

    I've no idea of employment opportunities in your community or reasonable driving commute. At minimum I suggest signing on to LinkedIn and talking about possible opportunities with recruiters. Your university likely has contacts and links to the business community. Ask for any help they might give. I'd call and visit every business that might have a web designer and ask how they got experience and steps they took to acquire employment. Do you have a plan you follow to market your Web Design service?

    You may be needed by your employer but for whatever reason, it's not reflected in your pay check. After 3 years you feel under valued and stressed...You work split shifts without split shift differential, evenings on demand and there a no, nada benefits. Could DH add you to his medical benefit plan? How would future maternity be covered?

    Talk to office staff at DH's employer. Do they see any openings? What is their hourly rate? What is the monetary value of their benefits? 10% - 25%? Based on the information you've offered, I suggest you list every possible employment opportunity and move it forward by taking specific action each and every week until you get what you want. I caution that the research says employers prefer to hire people currently employed.

    Wish you the best of luck in your search

  6. PatientSaver Says:

    No offense to anyone who loves secretarial work, but that's really a dead-end job. Yes, definitely, apply for a job where your husband works and/or elsewhere. No one's going to force you to give 2 months notice. Sorry, but that's not standard. Sure, they'd like it if you did becus it suits their needs, but at that point, it's not about them, it's about what's best for YOU. Boy, you sure sound brainwashed! From the time you accept a new job offer, your loyalty is now to the NEW employer, not the old. Your current job sounds like a real drag in many ways. You'd be a fool to stay there. Sorry, but at least the way you describe it, it sounds so obvious to me.

  7. rob62521 Says:

    You must look out for yourself, friends or not friends. I'd look and apply for things that have pay and benefits. I went to work for a friend. I felt taken advantage of and yes, there were hard feelings when I left. I gave him two weeks notice and he let me go on the spot. It all worked out. I found a better job with benefits. And I am a firm believer it is better not to work with friends so you can find things to help yourself.

  8. Wisewoman Says:

    I agree with others...two weeks notice is all that's needed. Employers go through this all the time. Who knows, they may make you an offer to have you stay but is it worth it?

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