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Short Term Goals

December 18th, 2013 at 05:25 pm

The bank talked to me briefly.

They said their system has been having issues so they still can not give me an exact amount I will owe for escrow, nor can they tell me what my payment for next year will be yet.

But they apologized for the communication error about the escrow and they are going to let me just make payments as I can over the next few months. So that is a relief. I will just pay as I can, no rush.

With Christmas rapidly coming to a close, I am trying to reassess my goals.

I have about $180 on my credit card at this moment. But I will have to add gas this week so probably around $210.

I always pay it in full every month. I don't think it is due until Feb. 6th or so, but it is a little higher than usual because of Christmas, so first I will knock that out.

I want to get my checking account cushion back up to $500.

Then I will start making payments towards escrow.

I added $300 of husband's bonus into my EF. So our total is at $1,200.

He also has $350 in his checking account for a cushion, so I could count that (technically it is for EF) but I'll hold off on counting it for now.

Short Term Goals
1. Pay off $210 on credit card
2. Raise cushion by $200
3. Make payments towards escrow

2 Responses to “Short Term Goals”

  1. snafu Says:

    I hope the bank has followed up with something in writing/e-mail that confirms they agree to that loose agreement and that there will be no charges accrued due to the bank's systemic issues. Without written confirmation a change of staff or even change of position/authority can make a verbal agreement evaporate and guess who will suffer consequences. I see where it has potential to appear as though you were late paying on your credit rating.

    Great to have a firm plan to finish off the year and get balances to target.

  2. klarose Says:

    I will have some exciting updates hopefully tomorrow!

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