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Surprise Check & Job

July 6th, 2021 at 03:27 pm

Husband got notified of a possible class action lawsuit a few months ago regarding ADP at his last employer. Well he filled it out and thought nothing of it, and last week we received a surprise $400 check for our settlement. Sweet! His employer also just sent him another one concerning his health insurance, so we submitted it as well. I used to think they were scams, but I’ve successfully received money for several of them now. Never hurts to fill them out and see what happens.


I am seriously considering quitting my office job again. I am feeling very burnt out and busy and tired. I’m sure part of it is pregnancy, but I can’t see me getting anymore energy or time after having two kids. My work also hired someone new as a salary position, and I’ve been asking for salary pay for many years. I’ve worked 10 years now (with one year off in the middle) and the new person is making pretty much the same as me, gets to do all their work from home, and doesn’t have the responsibilities that I have… I was a bit upset and asked if I could also get salary pay. I was told if I wanted more money I needed to work more, and that I wasn’t as needed or as important as the new hire which is why they got salary and I didn’t…


Since then I feel like the office attitude has shifted. My boss seems short tempered with me, and I know I feel pretty unmotivated to put much effort in and want to only do the bare minimum. I am good friends with my boss and I feel like this is detrimental to our relationship, which in my opinion is worth more than the job. The problem is I really need the income to pay for my animal hobbies since my web design job is also struggling. So I am a bit stuck at what to do.

I have never aspired to be a stay at home mom but it seems to be heading that way at least for a while. I want to be able to take my kids to the park and to story hour at the library, etc. Right now I’m just too busy and I feel like I’m being run ragged. I think a couple years break from working would do me good while the kids are young.

 I’ve already started saving for my maternity leave, our medical bills are all saved for, and husband’s income pays our bills. My income is literally only used for my animals, my spending such as eating out, and extra savings/spendings like vacations or house projects. I will continue to get some income for web design which will help, but it will be about a $500-$600 drop a month in total income. Honestly the new child tax credits are equal to my monthly pay, and part of me hopes they will continue thru at least next year as that would replace my missing income and make the transition much easier. Or I need to make some serious animal cuts and reduce the spending.


 Current goal is to possibly quit my job when I take maternity leave in October. Stretch goal would be to quit in September and have a couple weeks without working to prepare for the baby, spend some extra time with our current child and to relax towards the end. I haven’t decided 100% what I want to do yet. Thoughts?


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  1. Carol Says:

    Stayed longer at my last job than I should have. Definitely take the time to be home for a while. I'd say September.

  2. Lots of Ideas Says:

    If you quit before you have the baby, are you giving up paid maternity leave?
    How long do you have to work after you go back to keep that pay?

    Are you paying for childcare? That would come back into your budget if you stop working.
    Could you reduce your food costs (less takeout, more focus on shopping the sales/home food prep) if you weren’t working?

    If you weren’t working, could you focus more on web design gigs? Or find a different side gig to make the money you need?
    What is retail/food service paying in your area?
    Could you watch a child the age of your little one (the older one, not the baby)? Or do before or after school care for a family who lives near you?

    There are many paths - make sure you explore as many as you can!

  3. Wink Says:

    I would be feeling pretty upset and burned out too if my employer said, "that I wasn’t as needed or as important as the new hire which is why they got salary and I didn’t". What a terrible thing to say to you. I think I would be prioritizing my health right now.

  4. MonkeyMama Says:

    My husband's income has always been $0 (net net net) with kids. Once you factor taxes, the cost of working, the cost savings/frugality you can squeeze out when you are not working, the time for small side hustles (way less time than any W2 job), etc. It sounds like you are thinking through all that. The extra/new child tax credits are just a bonus to help bridge the gap.

    My state has mandatory short-term disability insurance that can be used for pregnancy. I share because the benefits start 4 weeks before your due date. In my mind, that's just when maternity leave starts. I vote for quitting in September.

  5. mumof2 Says:

    lots of ideas has suggested a lot of what I was going to say...I know your friends with the boss but if they are saying that to me I wouldn't be doing the extra at all..I would work my hours, do what I needed to do etc...why go the extra mile when they think so little of you...and with the comment they made of why your not salary that is telling you that (sorry to sound so harsh), is it possible for you to find a job from home that is similar to what you do so you can start soon and maybe part time after the baby is born so you can still help out...I would leave as soon as you can...they will miss you when you are gone...think things through and you will figure it out...

  6. CB in the City Says:

    That job sounds like a drain, and your boss, while you say he/she is a friend, is a stinkin' bad manager to have said such a thing to you. As I recall, you quit this job once before when you felt unappreciated. I say, cut 'em loose. Enjoy your time with your children.

  7. Lots of Ideas Says:

    Kia rose, if you have web design skills, you either have other skills or the ability to gain them.

    One thing I find helpful when trying to determine a path is to sign up with someplace like Indeed. Put in the skills you have - be generous to yourself - and what you want - part time, remote, etc. they will send you job listings - often of jobs you never knew existed. If you find yourself drawn to something that needs a skill you don’t have, you can think about gaining it (like learning software).

    The good thing is that you are not looking for a high paying career building job - you are looking to bridge a small income gap.
    My belief is that if the Jobs Act and the Cares Act pass, there is going to be more work than we have workers for, and employers are going to be very flexible.

    Best wishes.

  8. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Sounds like you deserve much better treatment and work/life balance and your family will definitely appreciate having you less stressed and drained. Your workplace sounds like they’re doing fine, and value the new person more than you who has been very loyal to them, and it’s better to check out physically before you check out mentally. Definitely move on, and do what’s best for you and your family. Maybe you might need to find a job again but you might land something with better work/life balance, or maybe being a SAHM with some side gigs might work out better than you think. Good luck with everything!

  9. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Quit. I agree 100% with MonkeyMama. I have never found that people working out earn or out save us by 100%. I have always managed to do better with 1 full time salary than 2 working people. Yes people have more money to start but they don't necessarily manage it well. They do not save more, they do not invest better, and they are not further ahead than you would expect from a couple working so much. Now working and no kids ABOSLUTELY they are super far ahead.

    But a couple with kids single income versus dual income the dual income pays a lot more for taxes, child care, etc. And yes the second income is "Growing" and not stagnating. But you also assume they are saving every penny. They are not using it to grow their lifestyle. In theory to get ahead you have to be saving above and beyond the daycare which might be a negative for 5 year+ and then you get the benefits of the second income. after you pay for daycare. But the real problem? You think you make all this money and you spend it like you do. You pay for a lot of help and convience of stuff.

  10. Fern Says:

    I think that is terrible what they said about your job not being as important. Way to go in making an employee feel unappreciated!! Wow. It may be related, however, to a general, uninformed impression that a visibly pregnant employee will not be making work a priority anytime in the near future. In fact, before I read that you won't be getting maternity benefits, I was thinking those comments could have been part of an effort, conscious or not, to push you out so they wouldn't have to pay maternity benefits.

    It sounds like you really have already made your mind up, and actually, that employer does not sound very enlightened to me at all. Follow your gut. My sense is there will be more opportunities than usual thanks to the pandemic, should you need to return to work later.

  11. rob62521 Says:

    Your employer does not cherish you. That's horrendous. My heart goes out to you.

  12. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I know I am chiming in way late, but that is unbelievable what your employer said to you. It's almost like they WANT you to quit.

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