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Refinance and Appraisal

June 13th, 2020 at 01:05 pm

Our appraisal came back! Last year our house appraised for $150k and we needed that much again to refinance and get out $5k extra to do the dirt work.

Unexpectedly our appraisal came back at $184k! I'm not sure why it went up so much. We did finish some random little projects but nothing major. I can't believe it. They offered to let us have more money out and we decided to go ahead and add $2k more to cover part of the cost of the water heater. That way I don't have to open another 0% CC. I will still have to cash flow the installation cost, which I am not sure about yet but guessing around $1k or less hopefully.

We could have gotten more which would have been nice to finish some other projects but I really didn't want to add a bunch more debt even if it low interest.

By rolling it into our mortgage I am hoping to still be debt free except the mortgage by the end of the year. We will probably pay some extra on the mortgage as well just to offset the $2k we added.

What a relief and now we can finish projects on our own timeline and save cash for a while. I would still really like AC some day...

I did work some extra web design last month and will have some money to put towards our vacation. We still need to come up with about $1,500 in the next couple months. So may have to shift from debt repayment to savings for a bit.

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Wow, that is a great appraisal for you to refinance.

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