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2020 Goals

December 27th, 2019 at 03:51 pm

1.) Pay off $3,100 Credit Card
This is the last remaining debt from our home remodel. It is 0% interest until August so it needs to be paid in full by then.

2.) Pay off $3,950 Construction Loan
0% interest debt from waterproofing our addition. Expires in October so it needs to be paid in full by then.

3.) Pay off $1,900 Medical Bill
Not really a huge deal since it is 0% interest for two more years. But it would be nice to be debt free again.

4.) Save $2,000 for Vacation
We are hopefully going to Yellowstone in September.

5.) Pay all Baby Medical Debt
No idea how much this will come out to but expecting around $6k+. This is our stretch goal. We can/will get a 0% interest payment plan for this, but I would prefer to pay it off by the end of the year.

The total amount (if medical debt is $6k) is $16,950! Our HSA will cover $3,000 so we need to come up with $13,950 or $ 1,162.50 a month. Whew. Quite a stretch but we will try our best.

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  1. Lucky Robin Says:

    I hope you meet all your goals.

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