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In the Hole

December 11th, 2019 at 05:37 pm

Well unfortunately a few other things popped up and I owe myself $500+ and I'm $350 short on the construction loan payment to stay on schedule. Ugh. I hate eating into my buffer. Especially since maternity leave is coming up and I really need to be getting ahead not behind...

My computer has been such a pain. I had to run it back to the store twice because I couldn't get the part in myself, and then when I got home the first time it wouldn't turn on. Some how my power button happened to go out, so I had to pay another $50 to fix that and drive 2 hour round trips. But whew, it is working again now. Thank goodness!

We also found out that husband will NOT be getting any paid paternity leave. Frown So that is a bummer. He will use his one week of vacation and take a week unpaid. That is all we can really afford.

He is still working a lot of overtime, which is good because we need to dig out of the hole we are in and save as much as possible before the baby gets here. It is going to be tight. Thankfully Christmas shopping is completely done.

Pumping the septic did not fix the plumbing problem, so now we are trying other things before we call a plumber.

Here's to hoping life and finances settle down in January!

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