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Computer Fix & Feeling Frustrated

December 6th, 2019 at 04:55 pm

Well the good news is that I believe my computer can be fixed! I found a local shop to repair it, and I'm waiting for the right parts to come in.

It was $135 for the diagnosis and to fix one part. Plus another $450 for the main part that I need. Thankfully my family is buying me that part for my Christmas present! Seems like a pricey fix but still much much cheaper than the few thousand a new computer would cost. Hoping I get a few more good years out of this one! Whew.

But besides that I am feeling frustrated. I have had to raid some of my buffer to pay for things like dog food, fixing my computer, a few baby items we needed, medicine for me and the pets, etc. Also I am working very minimum hours at my side job so I will barely be able to put anything towards debt this month. I just feel like I can never get ahead. It seems like my money is spent way before I ever even get it, and I am always playing catch up. I save for one thing, and then something else goes wrong.

For example: Our new plumbing is messing up and so I need to come up with $200 to pump the septic and then fingers crossed that is actually the issue and not something terrible and more expensive.

I'm starting to stress about maternity leave. Thankfully I will be paid. But my husband is also hoping to take off for a month at 70% of income. (Which is a blessing) but we need to put back money to cover the difference, and also we won't have any overtime that month to put towards debt so we need to pay that ahead of time too. Seems like we are quickly running out of time and paychecks!

1 Responses to “Computer Fix & Feeling Frustrated”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Glad there is hope on that computer!

    Hopefully nothing else will go wrong so you aren't paying more and more for broken items.

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