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Monthly Check In

March 28th, 2019 at 05:22 pm

I'd like to start doing a monthly check in at the end of each month with numbers so I can keep track of my progress.

Here is where I stand for March:

Mortgage -$114,264.90
0% CC -$8,898

Roth IRAs +$14,380
401K +$19,478
Emergency Fund +$2,118
Animal Fund +$500
Truck Fund +$1,420

I think we broke about even this month as far as net worth. Had a lot of expenses and not as much income. I still managed to get my CC under the next thousand but I didn't meet my monthly goal.

HSA should start automatically withdrawing next week, so there will be steady progress on that goal.

We also did an "adult thing." We went ahead and signed up for life insurance through husband's job. It was only a couple bucks a check and now we will both be covered if anything happens.

April will be spent paying myself back and saving for my mini vacation in May.

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  1. Ryan Says:

    Well, in my opinion doing these monthly check ins are a great way to understand your expenses and track the performance. If Steinberg Behavior Solutions aba agency chicago you are doing these check ins properly, you will be able to plan things upfront.

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