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Crossing Off Goals

November 28th, 2018 at 03:09 pm

I have all my Christmas shopping done!

Husband's 401K is successfully moved over into one account now. Yay. One less thing to worry about.

My bathroom mirror also finally got fixed at the welder after a couple months, so I am calling the addition officially done! Well sort of. We still have closet doors and some trim in the hallway to do, but our master suite is finished which is good enough for me. Another goal off our list.

I am only $542 short of my debt payoff goal for the year. It looks like I will right around that for my November Web Design income so I should be able to complete this goal no problem!! Also husband is going to start contributing overtime money towards the debt as well, so that will help us jumps start the 2019 goals.

I finally caved and bought a car battery. Mine has needed replaced for several months now but I just kept jumping it to delay spending the money. On cyber Monday the auto shop was having 25% off online, but I talked them into accepting it in store too, so I got my battery about $35 off.

My goats are going to be picked up this weekend and I will make about $500. I am about done selling goats for the year and I am happy that I was able to thin my herd some before winter. I would like to sell about 4 more but it's not critical.

4 Responses to “Crossing Off Goals”

  1. Jenn Says:

    I'm impressed with your commitment to stretch the car battery life! I sometimes delay purchases too but I think I would have been a softie on that one. Good for you!

  2. Fred Says:

    I wouldn’t these goals. These are checklists. These things are part of your life and repairing or replacing these things have basic existential values to it. Anyway, I can understand the online computer repair feeling that you would have had while checking off the list.

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