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Back From a Wedding

August 27th, 2018 at 01:51 pm

This weekend we went across the country for a friend's wedding. We went with couple of friends and their parents. I am very fortunate that the parents (my doctor, lol!) paid for the hotel rooms and we just pitched in a bit of money. They were also so sweet and paid for most all of everyone's food and gas all weekend. They said it was their treat. We would have not been able to go otherwise....

It was sort of a strange wedding. For one they have only been together a couple months. We've (including the groom's immediate family) only met her once for like 2 hours. One of the groom's sister met her for the first time at rehearsal dinner actually. The venue was in the middle of nowhere but counted as a "resort." The rooms were $250 a NIGHT. I almost choked when I heard that. You would think it would be the best hotel ever but the rooms were pretty standard rooms that you would find at any cheap hotel. There was not even a microwave in the room. All the amenities cost of course so we mostly sat around and chatted with old friends or played games.

The hotel had 3 restaurants and the standard dinner plate price was $30, breakfast was $20.

I expected the wedding to be very lavish because of the venue but it was actually one of the most odd/simple weddings I have been to.

The couple are very conservative and the long sermon was about women submitting and being gentle. It was very stern and sounded more like a business transaction than a celebration. No one hardly smiled. The bride wore a very simple dress that looks like it was off the rack from the mall. All of them wore flowered crowns and bare feet.

The reception was equally odd. The wedding started at 5 and then the dinner was around 6:30. (waited for pictures) The food was buffet style and you got a brownie with your meal. There was no cake! There were no decorations. Just white tablecloths and a couple tea lights on each table. Everyone was served water only. They had one pitcher of unsweet tea and lemonade way in the back but no one ever announced where it was or to go get some.

The entire thing seemed very rushed. As you finished your plate someone would come in the scoop it up asap. By 8pm they made everyone get up and the workers cleared all tables and put everything away.

No music, no dancing, etc. The couple left at 8pm sharp. We barely had anytime to enjoy dinner or friends before we were shooed out.

The entire thing just really had no joy or personalization. But for the wedding being so odd we did have a good time sitting around afterwards and catching up. Overall I'm glad we went and it was fun to "play rich" for a couple days.

5 Responses to “Back From a Wedding”

  1. Laura Says:

    Sounds like it was independent fundamental Baptist by religion. I actually think what you described for the bridal party is really pretty: simple dresses, barefoot with flowers in their hair. Hopefully the bride and groom have a long and happy life. And the length of time dating makes me think it was an actual courtship where the goal is a quick marriage. Anyhow, hope you enjoyed your time away and how nice of the parents to cover your rooms.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Nice that your friend paid for so much. But I agree, the wedding sounded joyless. Hopefully it is a lifetime of happiness for them. Maybe the austere nature of the wedding was so the parents could pay for the hotel rooms and meals.

  3. klarose Says:

    I think they are actually orthodox Presbyterian. The pastor almost looked Mennonite. Yes their goal was quick marriage which is quite common in our circle of friends, but usually not this quick!

    I am fine with a simple wedding. It was just a surprise with the otherwise expensive atmosphere. It was the parents of the friends that I went with that paid for my stuff, not the parents of the groom, just to clarify.

    Definitely not what I would pick. I prefer casual with lots of laughing, goofing off, and fun to be had. But as long as the bride and groom had a good time that is all that matters! As a side note, they got in the car and started driving. (The wedding was on the opposite coast from where their house is so their honeymoon is a road trip.) They didn't even have a hotel reserved for the wedding night, just winging it. They dance to the beat of their own drum that is for sure.

  4. CB in the City Says:

    To each his own! Back when I got married, one of my aunts wrote to me that my wedding was beautiful and unusual. I never knew what she thought was unusual -- I thought it was pretty normal!

  5. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I imagine some of the people who attended my wedding thought it was a bit unusual - no alcohol and no dancing. There was music - provided by my iPhone hooked up to my DHs speakers. Smile No wedding party - just me and hubby. There was cake though. Yummy cake! Smile

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