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Is It Worth It?

December 20th, 2016 at 02:40 pm

I have really been trying to lose some weight. The problem is, I love to eat. So I can't just eat salad daily like my husband does. My best friend has moved back to the area, and she goes to the gym daily. So I've been tagging along with her for a couple weeks. I am only able to go 2 - 3 times a week, on my work from home days, and on the weekends. Since I have to go at the same time as her so she can let me in, and she goes during the day when I am working.

I am actually really enjoying it! I feel stronger, and not so lazy. But I am beginning to feel guilty sneaking in the gym without paying, especially since I know the owner. I wanted to try it out for a couple weeks to make sure I would even stick with it though before spending a bunch of money.

Anyway, I feel like I need to purchase a membership or quit going. But a membership is $25 a month. :/ I don't know if I can justify the cost, on what I see as a non essential expense...

My mom is also wanting to work out, so she said she would get a membership too so we could go together. Since I know the owner I am going to see if there is any discount he would give me. Occasionally they run specials.

What do you guys think? Is $25 worth better health? Or would I be better off saving that money?

7 Responses to “Is It Worth It?”

  1. Carol Says:

    It is probably worth better health, but I think you ought to commit to yourself that you will pay only if you go and stop paying if you don't go.

  2. Laura S. Says:

    I am in a similar situation. I justify the $25 a month for aquacise because I can go to unlimited sessions. I feel better, and I enjoy it. I figure in the long run, it is probably saving me money by being in better shape. In your case, is this month-to-month or do you have a commitment for a certain amount of time? If no long-term commitment, I would go for it!

  3. klarose Says:

    It's month to month.

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    Yes, it is worth cost if you use it. If you don't it definitely IS not worth it! Since you can go month to month, I would definitely try it.

  5. snafu Says:

    Please join, pay the fee, go to gym, encourage your mom to go ! I can hardly think of a thing that you could do that would offer anything better than the benefits of regular, nearly daily gym visits. The biggest benefit of all is how many problems will never surface in your 40's,50's, 60's and on going! It's similar to the retirement & money thing...put aside and let grow to benefit your future...only this impacts your health long term...really long term. You will be giving your mom a munificent gift by encouraging her to come.

    I'm confinement you'll go because once it's a habit, you'll feel so much more energized. It's the best stress reducer and that alone is worth $ 25. way less than all the script the medicos assign. If they have a trainer who will create a special program for you, it makes your efforts so much more helpful. Please drop a note after 21 days to tell us if you'll continue.

    Enjoy the holidays.

  6. ThriftoRama Says:

    Yes on the gym. As for food, forget salad!! Losing weight does ot have to equal an unjoyous salad for lunch every day.

    I lost 20 pounds eating things like fish and steak with a side of steamed veggies for lunch and dinner. I was never hungry, had lots of energy, and was never stuck eating a salad I didn't want.

  7. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Yes, definitely. Especially if it is month to month.

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