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Christmas Bonus & IRA Savings

December 12th, 2016 at 03:14 pm

Husband got his bonus. $750 which is down from $800 last year. Bummer since the company made 20 MILLION more this year. Oh well, we are thankful for any extra money!

I sent $350 to the Roth IRA. First time I've been able to add to that in a long time. The other $400 husband wants to save for vacation. We will be going to Disney world in in the spring, and are estimating needing $1,500. I'm really hoping to get some taxes back this year and we can use part of our return for this. The rest will most likely go towards the IRAs.

Still working on paying off Christmas and other miscellaneous expenses. With the Christmas season and lots of sales, I've done really bad at splurging on multiple smaller expenses. Oh $20 here, $15 there, $20 here... It adds up!

2 Responses to “Christmas Bonus & IRA Savings”

  1. debt-free by thir-ty Says:

    It definitely does add up. I don't feel like I did that bad, but I also haven't added everything. I had at least 10 or so small one-off purchases in addition to a couple of big ones. I was careful to shop through Ebates, though, so at least one of those small purchases was negated by the cash back alone.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Glad hubby got a bonus. Having worked in a profession where there were no bonuses, I always kind of was jealous. Oh, well.

    Good for you to save for the Disney vacation. Have you considered saving for Christmas as well? If you figure about how much you think you'll need and then divide it by 12 and then put that much in an account each month, you won't have to scramble to pay when Christmas comes along.

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