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New Addition

April 18th, 2016 at 01:59 pm

My boss gave me a $100 bonus for being a hard worker. Smile

I've figured out that on Friday's payday I will be able to pay off the credit cards and have about $200 to send to the computer. Hurray! It seems like forever since I've been able to put money towards something besides our monthly bills.

We have also been productive around the house. The vegetable garden and the flower garden are both done, our closet trim is ready to hang today, and we deep cleaned the bedroom and living room.

We now have a new cat. Someone dumped a very very thin kitten off at my parents. I didn't really need another cat, but she is so sweet, and I felt so bad for her. She obviously needs food and care. Poor thing has ate and ate and ate since I've brought her home. She purs very loudly every time you touch her or feed her. It's so cute compared to my grumpy Momo.

She seems to be settling in well. But the other two cats are not at all happy about the new addition. Especially since she has taken over the outdoor cat's bed. lol.

We named her Zazzles, or "Zazzy." Which is from The Big Bang Theory. She is grey with a white face and feet. My husband is so good about enabling my animal habit. Within reason of course. He didn't even put up a fight, he just rolled his eyes when I asked and said "bring her over." lol.

Unfortunately she is long haired. I'm about at my wits end with brushing long haired cats. I've never had so much grooming to do. The two current cats rough house and play so much that they tangle their hair up in giant knots. I am brushing and cutting out mats daily. It's a constant battle with the indoor cat to keep fur off everything. Yuck. My old short haired cat didn't shed half as much. I have all hard wood floors and I still can't keep the hair down, I can't even imagine how it would be with carpet.

I will be scheduling an appointment to get her spayed ASAP and vaccinated. But I want to get her a little healthier before surgery, plus she is very small yet. I'll go ahead and pick up some wormer for her, and the other cats.

Momo the ragdoll has been acting off the last few days. He has a rare gum disease which hurts so I take him to get steroid shots every few months. He hasn't been eating well lately, so I was worried he is sick again but it hasn't been that long since the last shot. It's best to delay it as long as possible since he is so young and long term steroids can cause permanent damage. I looked at his gums and they don't look that bad right now. I am wondering if he is just stressed because of the new cat. I will keep a close eye on him for a couple days before I decide if he needs to go in or not. The vet is swamped right now with only one vet, and very few workers.

4 Responses to “New Addition”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    I had a long-haired cat who passed away last summer. I now have two short-haired cats. I have really noticed a difference in the hair around the house. Long-haired cats are BIG shedders. (But beautiful).

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Mr FT had a long haired cat that had to be put to sleep last year. It's hair was always matted and all over the place. When it was combed out and clean, he was a beautiful cat (and a very awesome cat otherwise.) All of our other cats are short haired now.

    Congrats on your new addition!

  3. snafu Says:

    Looking forward to photo of new furbaby. New addition means more expense, more vet, more food, more fur, more grooming etc but it all balanced by more joy. How many goaties this season?

  4. klarose Says:

    I'll have to do a cat post soon. Husband's camera memory card went bad this week, but I purchased a new one for him today. So pictures coming soon!

    11 goats born at my house this spring.

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