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March 9th, 2016 at 10:04 pm

I'm so excited! The construction company came out to look at the house and create a bid for our addition we've been wanting to do for years.

Of course they are going to take a few weeks for the actual numbers, but they gave me a rough estimate based on their other jobs of $105ish a sq foot. Or $45,000 completely finished!

We are wanting to shoot for $35,000. But they were so nice, and will let us DIY anything we want to do. Saving us a considerable amount of money. A lot of general contractors won't let you work in "their space" but these guys said they will do or let us do anything we want. So I can hire out my own electrician (who is a friend and gives me a discount), and husband and I can paint, hang insulation, etc.

Of course I don't want to get too excited until I see the real contract.

I don't even mind if we just have to get the shell put up, and then we can save and pay cash for finishing the interior if we need to. We were just praying that the exterior would be under $35k.

I can't believe this may actually become a reality this year. Big Grin

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  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Congratulations, I hope it works out wonderfully!

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