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Gave Into Pressure

February 10th, 2016 at 03:10 pm

I will admit. I gave in. Dell would not quit calling me every couple weeks trying to talk me into getting a warranty on the top of the line desktop I bought. I kept telling them no no no.

Well yesterday I got tired of dealing with it and said yes. >.< I told them it was too much money and in the end I talked them down to $100 for a 3 year in home full service warranty. Which is quite cheap compared to the $250 a YEAR warranty that they try to sell you when you buy the computer. Patience and persistence is rewarded.

Part of the reason I gave in was because for the past month I have been considering getting a warranty. Just because it was so expensive, I would hate to think of something happening. I've never bought a warranty before, but I've also never gotten a $3,000 computer before either. $100 isn't a big deal if it removes worry for 3 years, especially since I use the computer for work.

Then they of course tried to talk me into getting the warranty for husband's laptop he bought at the same time. Ha. We hate the laptop, and have had numerous problems. We will probably trade it in eventually. The warranty for that was $290, ridiculous since we only paid about twice that to buy it. No thank you.

Anyway, I received an unexpected check and have $100 to pay for it, so no big deal.

Vet job is still getting worse. 2 out of the 3 vets are quitting in March. Including my favorite vet. Frown I thought the workers who have been there for several years where making pretty good money, but I talked to one yesterday who said she was barely making above minimum wage. What the heck. Why do they put up with all that for minimum wage? She was lamenting that she should have went back to her old job... Yeah this is a sinking ship. I'm getting off before it all goes down. Hoping to be gone before March when the vets leave. It's going to be such a mess. They are already so so busy. I don't know what's going to happen.

My favorite vet is leaving because her family is 6 hours away, and she only gets one day off every other week so she never has enough time off to go visit them. Really? Why couldn't they just give her another day off? They would rather lose her than give her anything. Just shows what kind of people they are. Everyone is replaceable to them, if you don't follow their ridiculous rules.

I'm tired of being scolded and yelled at. At my old job people loved me, they respected me, and I was good at it. Here I just feel like an idiot, constantly told I can't do anything right. I got yelled at yesterday because I pushed down too hard when I was writing with a marker... Okay then.

6 Responses to “Gave Into Pressure”

  1. snafu Says:

    Have you fully recovered? Now in good health?

    Like auto warranty, I hope you'll add a note in your cell phone calendar to have the computer serviced/examined for warranty about one month before this newly purchased contract expires. If not noted, it usually expires without being used.

    Is there any possibility of being hired by one of the departing vets? Will they be setting up a competing practice?

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Oh my! Pushing down too hard on a marker. God forbid. Leave as soon as you can!!!

  3. klarose Says:

    I'd say I'm at about 80% health. Still don't have all my stamina and strength back, and I still haven't coughed anything yet.

    My favorite vet is moving back to her family. So that's a no go. I will miss her. Not just working with her, but she has always taken care of my animals as well.

    I know creditcardfree. When she's standing there dead serious, scolding me, I'm just looking at her like, what is happening right now. lol.

    (This is the morning manager not the mean owner) She was yelling at me so badly for something else that another worker heard and afterwards mentioned how mean she was being.

    She constantly tells others (including clients) how she can't get any decent morning workers, and rolls her eyes at me, sighs, huffs, etc. When I'm standing right there. I'm the only other morning worker...

    Which is funny since she keeps asking me to pick up more days. Why would I want to pick up more days if obviously I'm not helping her and I just mess everything up? It doesn't make any sense. I think she just likes to whine and blame others.

  4. CB in the City Says:

    I once had a job where I wasn't allowed to use sticky notes -- because they were too expensive and I would just waste them. Sometimes managers are just idiots. Sounds like you have a mean one, as well. I'm one of the people who told you not to go back to your old job, but you've convinced me. GO!!

  5. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    I'm sorry that it sounds like a terrible work environment. I hope you get out of it sometime soon.

  6. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Wow. I hope you can get out soon.

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