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Row Your Boat & Pics of my Builds

December 28th, 2015 at 03:29 pm

Prayers for my area would be appreciated. It's been raining nonstop and they are predicting the worst flood in a 100 years. I live right along a river, and several towns are expected to be underwater this week. People are getting evacuated, including some of my family. They have two days to pack up and get out, before the levee is predicted to fail. I can't imagine how sad it would be to know you'll be loosing your house in a couple days and there is nothing to stop it.

Still hoping this rain will stop before anymore damage is done.

I added the $350 from husband's bonus to the Roth. Still waiting on him to decide how much to send to the truck fund. Hoping we can finish it and the Roth off before the new year.

We actually completed the workbench! It took just a few hours.

Although it doesn't look like much it's quite large. It's 4.5' long, and 3' high. Which is the maximum size that could fit in the space. It gives us just enough room to hold the saw which has been laying in my dining room floor for over a year, and the new toolbox I got husband for Christmas.

I'm in an organization kick, so it was nice to be able to pick up all the random tools that were spread throughout the house and give them a home. Also the bottom shelf gave us room to stack all our bigger items, rather than just piled up on the floor. I'm thinking of adding a cute curtain to the front, just to hide the clutter better.

Husband got me an office chair for Christmas. It's bright orange which adds a pop of color, and matches perfectly with my fox themed office/dining room. I have orange art all over the walls. Several people have asked what the finished desk looks like.

I wish I had taken a picture of the front of the chair. It has a pretty quilted pattern on it, and it's very comfortable. So much better than sitting in a wooden chair for hours a day. (Yes I do use 2 computers at once. lol)

I haven't built the wall mounted shelves I had planned on. I'm still undecided if that would be too cluttered, or if the desk will even stay here permanently. So for now, we are considering just getting one of those cube shelves for the dining room, which can hold some of our books, decor, and excess stuff.

6 Responses to “Row Your Boat & Pics of my Builds”

  1. laura Says:

    Lovely! Wow to the table. Yes to the orange.

  2. debt-free by thir-ty Says:

    My heart goes out to your family and everyone else affected. However, speaking as a Katrina victim, in the end, it's just stuff. At least you have a warning, make sure everyone takes the photo albums and major life documentation (birth certificate, SS card, etc.). Everything else can eventually be replaced. Also, take lots of pictures for insurance ahead of time.

  3. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Sturdy work bench!....Disasters are so stressful to deal with. And expensive! Will anyone need to come stay with you, or come to your house for daytime respite?

  4. Ima saver Says:

    We are getting flooding too. My prayers are for you and your family.

  5. CB in the City Says:

    Goodness, I hope your home will be safe!

  6. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I too hope your home and your family's homes will be safe!

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