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Money Blues

September 10th, 2015 at 02:38 pm

Well husband and I have seem to have gotten a second wind with the house projects. I'm really really itching to get stuff done.

The problem is money. Frown

Everything to so darn expensive in an old house which needs everything custom.

We are trying to finish up things that we can without spending much. We put up the trim around our bedroom door. I removed and cut down a door that hasn't been able to be opened since we installed new flooring... over 2 years old. Yikes! I also sanded and painted it. Which is not an easy task when it's a 15 glass pane door. It took me over 6 hours to do 3 coats, and then scrap all the windows. I'm still sore from squatting 3 days later, and it could really use a couple touch ups still. But alas it's so nice to have a functioning, white door in the kitchen now. It looks so clean and bright.

Tonight we are going to paint and put up trim around it, and another door.

I've done a little more work on my desk. It's done for now except the wall shelf, which I am undecided about. I really love it. We have a friend over occasionally and all 3 of us can fit on the desk with our computers for online gaming.

Still waiting on the fencing guy who just had a baby. I will call him soon.

I called around to get quotes to refinish the hardwood flooring. $2,000 seems to be the going rate. Ouch. Not going to happen anytime soon.

I got a new window company to come and measure my doors and windows, since I was so displeased with the last guy. They haven't given me a quote yet, but I'm going to estimate it will be $1,500 for the 2 downstairs windows, a storm door, and a bathroom door. Another $1,500 for the back door. And $2,400 for the 6 upstairs windows...

The storm door and bathroom door are must haves. Neither have doors right now. I've been living with a curtain on the bathroom for over 2 years now.

The storm door is needed because we have to heat the room in the winter to keep the pipes from freezing. Can't heat a room with no door.

The backdoor does not have a functioning latch. We put in one of those cheapo eyehooks on both sides to keep it from blowing open, or the cat getting in, and we literately have to lock ourselves in or out. So if husband goes to work, and accidentally latches the eyehook, I'm locked in and have to go out the front door and walk all the way around the house through the wet grass to unlock it from the outside. Totally fun. Especially when the snow gets here...

Add all that, plus we still need more trim and about a million other little projects, and the dollar signs are flying. Sigh.

I have $800 on the credit cards, from projects, vet, insurance. I do have $400 coming from some goat sales, and freelance work I've done. So that's good news. Tomorrow is husband's payday, and next check is his "extra" paycheck. So it will get paid off. But it feels like I will never get enough money to finish our house. People always ask us if our house is finished yet, and are surprised when we haven't made much progress. They just don't realize how expensive it can be to purchase something as simple as a dang door. Especially when that causes a chain reaction of other projects. Such as when the bathroom gets a new door they have to remove the dryway, so then I will have to redo that, and repaint. It just seems never ending. More projects, more money.

Just feeling a little disheartened.

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  1. alice4now Says:

    I know it can seem never ending! Keep your eyes focused on the priorities, which it sounds like you are doing. Is there anyway to bring in more income, at least temporarily, to spend specifically on some of these expenses? I know that FedEx has started posting ads for temporary employees for the upcoming holidays. I'm not sure what might be available in your area.

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