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Lots of Happenings & Kitten Pic

July 31st, 2015 at 01:24 pm

Kitten is doing fine. He is not as snuggly as I was hoping. I was expecting to be able to sit and hold him on my lap for hours like I did with my old kitty. But the kitten is a bundle of energy and begins crying and struggling after about 10 seconds.

Hoping he will settle down once he gets more used to us. He likes to sit close to me, or on my feet, but he does not like to be held.

He has been sleeping in our bed, and lays either on my pillow or by my feet. He was doing great, and slept through the night.

Then last night when I put him in bed he peed. Frown We locked him in the kennel overnight, and early this morning when husband put him in the bed to snuggle with me, he peed again all over me. (a rude awakening)

He had already been running around for about an hour, so I'm not sure why he didn't use the litter box.

That really stinks. Now he won't be able to sleep in bed anymore until we figure out why he keeps peeing. He's not even digging or anything. Just as soon as you sit him down he pees. Weird.

I cleaned my desk and file cabinet, organized all our papers, and burned a whole trash bag full. Hurray! Today I'm hoping to work on cutting and staining the boards for the shelf underneath where the tower is supposed to sit.

I went to the doctor this week and got some really good news about my chronic health conditions. After 6 years they don't think I need my pacemaker anymore so they are going to let the battery run dead. At this point I won't need a new one. They will check again in 2 years.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and Sunday I'm having a girls night. Ought to be a fun weekend.

5 Responses to “Lots of Happenings & Kitten Pic”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    I'm thinking two things. Did the kitten get separated too early from his mother so he didn't learn about using the litter box? Is he using the litter box? Secondly, just peeing without digging doesn't sound natural to me. Has he been checked out by a vet? He may have a bladder infection.

  2. klarose Says:

    That's the weird part. He was/is still using the litter box fine. No other accidents. He holds it all night in his kennel.

    I looked it up, and peeing in bed seems like a pretty common problem for kittens. Strange.

    He has been to the vet, but I'll keep an eye on him. He's going back in 4 weeks for his next round of shots.

    I think I will just keep him out of bed for a while, and make sure to pick him up and sit him in the box occasionally to remind him where to go.

  3. Carol Says:

    Great health news!

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Great news on your health front! Yay!

    Sorry about the kitty's accident. Hopefully that is a one time event.

  5. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Great news about the pacemaker! I hope you get the kitten peeing issue figured out!

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