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Coming Along

April 17th, 2015 at 02:36 pm

The desk is coming along great. The pipe is all put together, now I just have to build the top.

Here is what it currently looks like. The board is just set on top for demonstration. Don't judge my floors! They aren't dirty, just need refinished.

I'm facing a dilemma though. I had planned on staining the top the same color as our floor and trim. But I'm worried that will be too much of the same color.

What do you guys think? Too matchy, or do you think it would help it blend and fit in? I'm torn. I love the stain color, I just don't know if too much will look ridiculous. The desk will have wall built shelving as well, so part of me thinks it might look good to have the same color and go for a "built in" look?

I also stained the next part of our trim. Yay for progress.

Been a very busy week, and the stress has flared up my lung disease. Ugh. Feeling pretty poorly. Hope things slow down, and my health returns soon.

Next week is an "extra paycheck" for husband. Should have about $350 to put towards something... I'm not sure what yet. Possibly the IRA or my gun.

Also I posted some pictures of my new baby goats, and within the day someone had decided to purchase two of the bucklings! It is nearly unheard of for a person to just buy bucklings. So I'm pretty stoked.

5 Responses to “Coming Along”

  1. snafu Says:

    Oops, it's not in your best interest to push yourself to the point of being ill. I hope you'll take a step back and prioritize health over work/job, home improvement projects and even your love of goats.

    What color are pipes and joins? How big will the desktop be? How big is the room?

    Personally, I like the built in look and suggest for flexibility the wall shelves be installed to allow folding fabric bins use in future to corral stuff. I found these at a Dollar Store which fit my IKEA bookcases and keep project material from getting out of control.

    Great news that your goat business is doing so well, building your reputation as an excellent breeder.

  2. klarose Says:

    The pipes and joints are black. The desk is like 60" x 32", and will have 60" long shelves nearly to the ceiling. (I like giant) The room is 14'x 16' and is a complete waste because it has 5 doors and a staircase, and a window. The wall the desk is going on, is the only segment of wall space larger than 2 feet. So I wanted it massive to make it a focal point and fill up some of the empty.

    I built shelves underneath the desk as well, and I plan on getting some baskets to hold some of my mess.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Good news about the bucklings sale!

  4. Looking Forward Says:

    The desk is going to look great!
    I vote a dark stain. Then any colors you pair with it, either wall color or the storage baskets, will really pop.

  5. klarose Says:

    The trim and floor are all getting stained a lovely kinda chocolately brown. Which I love. I think I will just do the desk the same.

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