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Feeling Blessed

February 9th, 2015 at 06:20 am

Two posts today, sorry! Just had to the share the good news.

First I had forgotten that husband has already been putting back for his truck. He has $300 saved so far. Also he has about $350 saved that could count for our EF, but I'm going to leave it off for now.

But the major news is that my company just signed with another company in a partnership of sorts. They also do website design, but they are not to keen on WordPress, so basically they are subcontracting all the WordPress websites onto us! That means we are completely swamped and running at full capacity, if we do decide to hire the new guy. We actually hired a girl as well to do our spell checking, content review, and marketing training. We really need to hire at least one MORE worker, but it is surprisingly hard to find good web designer. This is great news, and we are booked for the next several months! We have at least 14 websites on line-up and I can only do about 4 a month... The boss works full time in addition to his company, and the new hire will have to be trained before he really starts outputting. I'm guessing with my help he could do maybe 2 a month at this time.

The other company will continue to supply us with unlimited work. Once some of these jobs get finished and the checks start coming in, I should get a considerable raise! Things are going better than expected. It is nearly unheard of for a company to make a profit after only one month of operation.

1 Responses to “Feeling Blessed”

  1. chloe Says:

    Sorry about your kitty (from the previous post). But I'm glad your job is going so well right now!

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