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Small Updates & Budgeting

November 25th, 2014 at 12:50 pm

I have $100 to put towards hay. Credit card is down to $150.

Next week hoping to get back on the savings bandwagon.

Internship is still going well, and words can not describe how excited I am to get started on that job full time. I can barely stand it in the office anymore, and I'm just counting the days.

I'm going to be earning a minimum of $300 a week after tax, which is a little bit more than I am making now. Trying to figure out a new budget, since I won't be eating lunch out everyday. Although still probably once a week when I drive to the city to work.

Here is what I have came up with so far:

$300 Weekly Pay

-$50 House Payment
-$30 Tithes
-$10 Internet
-$50 Gas / Spending
-$10 Lunches

Leaving $150 a week for savings/spending

I know want to finish my EF and get as much as possible into the Roth before the deadline. Also need to pay down the LOC, and then start saving for a truck for husband.

Should I do one goal at a time or split my income more than one direction?

Additional bonuses will be sent straight towards the goals. But I can't budget for them at this time, since I have no idea what I will be bringing in.

1 Responses to “Small Updates & Budgeting”

  1. snafu Says:

    sorry, full of questions and suggestions today...

    What was the outcome of the laboratory bill that was rejected by your insurer?
    What expenses do you anticipate for your home based goat business?
    What is the deadline for ROTH contributions for the year ending 2014?
    $ 300. gross, $ ? net. What deductions do you anticipate? Medical?
    Do you actually get paid every week or will they pay bi weekly, 15th & last business day of ea. month?
    Will you get holiday pay or any other tangible benefit from your current employer in your final pay?

    If you possibly can eke out time, I suggest you open a separate [free of charges] bank account for your business. You need to know how much you gain in 'receivables, how much you expend in expenses and how much you have personally 'loaned' the business since you started or can figure out at least for 2014. There are so many tax deductions available to you for your home based business.

    These factors will also need to be repeated if your Web based business if you meet the criteria for self employment as opposed to salary based employee.

    As to goals...how do you plan to allocate payments from the buyer of the Cobalt? I have always made it a point to pay off CC two days before due date. ROTH has a deadline so I see that as a priority. I don't recall the interest rate on LOC. I'd loan the goat fund a set sum each pay until reaching the # 1K limit. You can snatch that back as soon as you have goat profit and slide it to you EF to $ 5K or whatever you've set as your target for 2015.

    Did you get that long list of winter ready tasks done?

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