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Updated Fall Checklist

November 17th, 2014 at 04:02 pm

Wanted to be accountable on what project goals I had done. So here is where I am currently standing.

Things completed

Repair goat house latch
Build new ramp
Clean out barn
Make buck pen
Fill propane tank
Put in storm windows
Put middle on horse shed
Get hay cut and put away
Find solution for leaky front door
Clean and check space heaters
Move Kuzco in with goats
Finish living room/dining room archway (Living room done, won't be able to finish dining room because of cold)

Has to be done

Side front of horse shed (90% done)
Close in goat house windows (One done, can't decide on other)
Insulate buck house
Warm solution for Juno
Get straw and put around outside of house
Make kitty bed

Would be nice
Paint sunroom windows (Not going to happen)
Repair & paint sunroom door (Winter project)
Finish kitchen archway (Not going to happen)
Indoor goat manger

2 Responses to “Updated Fall Checklist”

  1. snafu Says:

    ok, what stops a leaky front door? Do you mean cold air? Would goat house window benefit from the plastic, shrink wrap, winter insulation window covers common here which use double sided tape and made tight via a blow dryer?

    In China farmers use fiberglass fabric and staple them to the exterior of window openings. A lot of farmers are too poor to have actual glass.

  2. klarose Says:

    Our front door is not the right size and has a 1-2 inch gap at the bottom. Making a huge draft. We simply put the glass back in the storm door, and that helped a lot. We also tuck a towel under the door. I may go to lowes and see if I can get some weather stripping as well.

    I tried plastic on the goat house last year. Worst mistake ever. Every time we had a blizzard it would blow off, and I was out there in below 0 weather trying to put it back on. This year I actually bought and cut down plexiglass, and made a frame for it. So they have a real window that lets light in and keeps cold out. There is another window in their shed but it's on a side facing away from the weather. I can't decide if I should leave it open for more ventilation, or close it up too.

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