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Lots of Updates

November 10th, 2014 at 03:01 pm

Well the mortgage payment hit, bringing my total down to $49,634.94

I told my friend I wouldn't be attending her wedding. I surprisingly WAS able to return the $150 dress. So that will help knock my credit card down.

I put back $200 for tires this week. I may just go ahead and take the other $100 out of my savings and pay them off, so it's done with. I could rebuild savings next week.

Work found a replacement for me! Praise the Lord. Only one person showed any interest, so they told her she got the job before she could change her mind. lol. I will start training her full time in 2 weeks.

Filled out my W-4 for the new job. It's beginning to feel real! We are going office space shopping on Thursday, that will be fun!

I should receive my first car payment next week. Can't wait to see my debt start dropping.

Starting to get anxious about the job switch, and having debt, and little savings. Really going to use my remaining paychecks wisely to pay down my debt and try to save as much as I can.

3 Responses to “Lots of Updates”

  1. Miz Pat Says:

    I am so glad you told your friend you are not going to her wedding. I wish I had my mortgage down to $50K like you do. You are doing good.

  2. snafu Says:

    Congratulations on meeting your goal to bring your mortgage down under $ 50K by November's payment. It's incredibly difficult to reduce the principal with interest being added on every month. To make certain your extra sums were correctly applied directly to principal, it's a good idea to keep a running total of annual, extra payments. Financial institutions are known to add 'service' [somewhat] imaginary charges they'll rebate if clients request it.

    Delighted that you were able to return dress for full refund, hope you can likewise get a refund or be reimbursed for the invitations. Are you financing the Cobalt to the purchaser? Keeping it in the family... perhaps that sum could go to DGF to pay for the Neon's tires.

    Is it still your plan to mostly work at home for your new title of Web Designer? I was surprised by the sum that resulted from working mostly from home in reduced travel costs for gas, auto maintenance, clothes, meals prepared at home and all the small expenditures to coffee fund, lunch and gifts to celebrate colleagues milestones etc. It helps that your employer pays for internet and possibly other staff benefit now and in the future. Increasing income is terrific but it also increases income tax deducted whereas benefits rarely are shared with government's hand in your pocket.

    I don't envy you the task of training your replacement. I hope she's as enthusiastic as you to learn. Good luck.

    forgive my prattling, I don't like to sound bossy pants.

  3. klarose Says:

    Actually Snafu. The mortgage was below $50k months ago. lol.

    I returned the invitations as well. Forgot to post that.

    I am financing to a family member, and the payments are going to go towards paying down the LOC. Although I may use the first payment on the tires.

    Yes. I will mostly be working from home. Maybe a trip to the city once a week or so. I think it will greatly reduce my gas costs, and my lunches. (I eat out every day currently)

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