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Hurray For Hay

October 23rd, 2014 at 09:50 pm

Well the neighbor cut my hay and baled it yesterday. I was expecting 2 bales... I got six!

I was able to talk him into accepting half of it for payment, so I still got 3 bales, and didn't have to pay a thing. Smile

He also took my 2 year old round bale that has been stuck in the back of the barn and is too old to feed, and he took the remaining 20 moldy square bales that I have been burning slowly over time, which were just piled in the yard for the last few months. Score!

Cleaned up the yard, put in the front goat house window, started cleaning out the barn, and I have been working on the horse shelter every day. Trying to get it all done before winter, and making pretty good progress!

Furnace repair guy is coming out tomorrow to look and find out why it won't start up. Prayers that it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg.

New Neon tires are ordered. Cost is right around $250 and they come with a 80k mile guarantee. No bad considering we were looking at used tired for $200.

Can't wait for this weekend, and our anniversary trip.

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