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Goal #2 Completed!

August 4th, 2014 at 02:05 pm

2.) Put Up Fencing DONE!

The fence is finished... Well mostly. The gates still have not came in. But I put up some hog panels across the empty gaps, and it works just fine. In fact I hope they dont call me about gates for a couple weeks, so I can pay down some debt before I have to fork out a few more hundred dollars for them.

I came home on my birthday, and it was all done! Whoot, whoot.

The goats are LOVING their new free space. The horse and dogs have also gotten to enjoy it, and they all love to run around and stretch their legs.

After asking nicely, the worker cleaned up his act, and finished the rest of the fence much better. I am happy with it. I would call him again in the future when its time to finish the other half of the pasture. Next time I will be sure he knows clearly how I do and do not want it.

Big news, but another goal will be crossed off later today... Just waiting for the pending status to update!

Hurrah! Trying to celebrate the successes and forget that I have close to $7k in non mortgage debt right now. Frown

1 Responses to “Goal #2 Completed!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    You'll get that debt taken care of soon, I'm sure!

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