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Refinance Checklist #1

July 28th, 2014 at 04:16 pm

In order to refinance our house hopefully in the spring, we have to finish some remodeling to get the best appraisal we can. I have decided to share my current checklist that needs to be completed before we can refinance our mortgage. I will come back and visit this list later on, to share our progress.


Finish Horse Shed
Build Permanent Goat Ramp
Close In Window on Milk House
Paint Sunroom Windows
Side Bathroom
Figure Solution for Roof


Trim Front Door
Refinish or Polish Floors
Trim Archway
Trim Baseboards


Install Curtains
Trim Windows
Refinish or Polish Floors
Trim Baseboards


Patch Outer Wall
Prime Outer Wall
Paint Outer Wall
Trim Doors
Refinish or Polish Floors
Trim Baseboards
Build Threshold
Install Closet Door


Repaint Walls
Caulk Tub
Replace Window
Install Door
Finish Trim


Paint Door
Trim Doors
Trim Window
Crown Molding
Trim Baseboards


Patch Holes
Paint Wall
Install Trim


Replace Broken Windows

As you can see it is a pretty extensive list, and progress is very slow at this point in time. But looking back we have done a LOT on the house already. This is mostly just tying up loose ends, and it is mostly cosmetic. Money is the biggest issue. All these projects cost, and since the house needs everything custom, everything is pricey!

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