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Mortgage Payment Hit

July 8th, 2014 at 03:33 pm

The mortgage payment finally hit putting us at:



We are so close to hitting our goal of getting it under $50k. We may even hit it next month!

Going to buy the first part of the fencing materials tonight. I am already anxious about spending that much money, but I know it has to be done, and I am so looking forward to having all that space for my goaties to run.

Now that the trip is over I am not quite sure what I should be throwing my money at... I think it would be best just starting to pay down the LOC, especially since I am going to be adding so much more to it.

My car has 2 monthly payments left after next week, so once that is paid I will probably start contributing a little to my EF again too.

Animal Fund is no big deal. I will add to that after I sell goats, AND pay for the fence. I dont need that money, its just a cushion for vet bills and such. Our personal EF comes first.

2 Responses to “Mortgage Payment Hit”

  1. snafu Says:

    You are doing so well on your goals, you need to give yourself a giant pat on the back. 1st half of year gone is a great time to re-assess what you've accomplished, what adjustments might be valuable and your preferred order for the next 4 goals. Do you plan to do any more freelance work? What actions are needed to generate clients?

    What is the status on the Cobalt? Do you still plan to sell it? Have you assessed it's value in your area? Is it being advertised at every no cost, low cost venue like Kijiji, the mechanic that replaced the motor, your extended family has ads for their workplace, DH's workplace bulletin board, everyone on yourTwitter, popular places in your community etc?

    I acknowledge that debt makes you uncomfortable but private arrangements for Neon doesn't help your credit score as much as payment CC which can also avoid interest.

    LOC for fence materials: Will the installation likewise fund via LOC? I have the impression that the fence is primarily to corral the animals. I'm not certain in the goats are self sustaining. I hope you are keeping all these business expenses separate as there are tons of tax write-offs for home operated business. With careful records the fencing costs [materials, labour, LOC interest,travel with goats] charge off to business.

    You're doing Grrr-eat!

  2. klarose Says:

    Thanks Snafu! It's hard not to get discouraged when it seems like I'm just treading water. A reassessment is a great idea! I think I will write a new post to hit your points, and reassess my goals.

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