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Update on Cat

June 24th, 2014 at 02:20 pm

I took the cat to the vet yesterday. I am glad I did! It was the strangest thing. I told him that she has been gagging and having trouble breathing and the first thing he did was look down her throat, and sure enough there was something in there! A big abscess!

So they put her to sleep and took a look and she had a big hole about the size of a dime in the back of her throat where she must have punctured something through it. It had become infected, and was really raw, swollen, and had made an abscess.

So on Thursday she probably couldnt breath and just passed out in the yard, then had the heat stroke due to laying out in the sun too long.

They cleaned it out, gave her iv fluids, and gave me an antibiotic. They wanted to put a feeding tube in, but it was going to be a few hundred dollars so I told them no. I did feel like they kind of made me feel guilty, because I told him I had a low budget, and they kept saying things like Well she should probably have a blood test, but since we are so limited on budget I guess I wont. etc.

Anyway. That is why she is not eating or drinking because it hurts! The fluids will keep her alive for a couple more days, but if she doesnt start drinking by then I will have to bring her back in for more fluids. I keep trying to force feed her, but she bites, claws, and spits. Everyday she is making me bleed, and I am to the point where I just want to shake her and give up.

Now its just a waiting game until her throat heals up, and I will keep praying that she starts eating on her own. I spent $150 at the vet. Which kind of stinks, but it had to be done.

14 Responses to “Update on Cat”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    You did the right thing and I would guess in a day or two she will start eating on her own. I would avoid trying to force feed, it is stressful on you and the cat. The cat really will eat when it feels better.

  2. klarose Says:

    I think she would be okay without food. But without any liquids? She has already went 6 days without. I would think water and such would feel good on her throat, but she refuses anything.

  3. Rachael777 Says:

    I suggest you get a bag of sub q fluids. it is very easy to give and maybe since you are on a farm you are already able to work w animals. Sub q at cost is $3 a bag and needs are less than a dollar. .but probably vet will upcharge you to maybe $30 for the bag, line and needle.. really your cat will have a hard time making it through espedcially w an infection without it. is she on meds? I sympathize w costs too. water though is key. OR you can go to your local store get a feeding syringe and syringe flavored water. cats can only take 7-10 cc at a time.. wish I was there. I run a rescue and could help. Cats do not eat when sick or drink so not unusual

  4. klarose Says:

    Yes the vet charges $30 for iv fluids. We have a feeding syringe, and I know how to do it. But she is so darn mean she wont let us. She gave me another 6 inch scratch this morning. That is holding her down with two people and wrapped in a towel. My mom has a Master's in Nursing. And we have given iv fluids to other animals before, so I am sure we could do it ourselves. We had a bag, but I think we have already used it. I just dont think we could hold her down. I know that sounds crazy, but I have tried to give her a shot before when she was sick another time, and it was impossible. She latched onto my husbands face. So I just cant imagine holding her down long enough for an iv drip. But I may try. Goats are so much easier, or even dogs. Cats can really hurt hurt you, and they are smaller so you cant sit on them to hold them down. Ive never seen such a mean cat. If it was any of my other cats this would be no problem.

  5. klarose Says:

    When we try to give her water it is literately like the old cartoons where the cat is screaming and latched onto someone's head. It would be hilarious if it wasnt happening to me.

  6. My English Castle Says:

    I'm glad you found out what was wrong. Poor thing--even if she is mean!

  7. Another Reader Says:

    The key is to keep her hydrated and electrolyte balanced. Sub-q's are easy to give (under the skin, not IV), but you may need a prescription to purchase them anywhere else. Is the $30 for giving fluids out of their bag or for the cost of a bag, a drip line, and 8 to 10 needles? The bag, line, and needles should be less.

    She is not mean, she is wild (feral). She has not been socialized with people. The "burrito wrap" with two people sometimes works with the ferals. Check her hydration by seeing if the skin along her back near her shoulders "tents," that is, does not snap back when pulled up. If she tents, she needs more fluids ASAP.

    Good luck!

  8. TashaC. Says:

    Whoa I didn't even know that was possible. poor thing. She has a guardian angel in you!

  9. klarose Says:

    I may see if my mom will give her sub q fluids without the iv. That would be easier. I had thought about it, but I just haven't have time to drive to the other vet.

    The $30 is for them to put an iv in and give her fluids. The local vet wont sell us the bag and needles. I would have to drive an hour to a different vet that will sell us the supplies at cost.

    And no, she is mean, not feral. She has been socialized. I got her as a 6 week old kitten, and she was like that from the start. Ive never seen an animal that was mean just for no reason besides her. She is a beautiful cat too, but she loves to bite. And will attack you as you walk past her. I have another cat that showed up as a stray and he is the sweetest thing ever. He loves belly rubs.

    We are doing the "burrito wrap." She can still manage to squeeze out and claw and run. She is very nimble and quick. I have been checking her with tenting.

    Thanks for all the concern and suggestions guys!

  10. rob62521 Says:

    You were a good person helping the cat. Hope she gets better quickly.

  11. wisewoman Says:

    I would have gone with the feeding tube and blood work. Not the consensus but I have different opinion about the health and well being of our four legged friends.

    Hope she heals soon...

  12. Looking Forward Says:

    Poor Kitty and poor you!!
    She's on antibiotics right? Those and sub-Q fluids would go a long way.
    Hope she feels better soon.

  13. klarose Says:

    Wisewoman, I would love to spend $500 on a barn cat, but it is just not in the budget. My animals get the best care I can give them, and I will give them medicine, and necessary procedures. But I have to set a point to do what I can, without making my family struggle.

    I have a 20 year old horse with maybe a (untested) thyroid problem. Surgery is advised, but at the cost of several thousand. I just see no need to spend that on a retired horse, who is just a big pet now. He looses weight easily, so I just feed him extra and he continues to live a long and happy life, enjoying his retirement.

    And yes the cat is on antibiotics. Smile We don't want the infection to come back.

  14. wisewoman Says:

    klarose.. Glad to hear she's on her way to recovery. I totally understand. I wish we all had a money tree to pick from when needed. Smile

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