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Payday & Hay Day

June 16th, 2014 at 02:10 pm

$50 to car
$100 to trip

Hay expense was $60 less than I had put back. I just left that money in the animal fund for now, but I may pull it out later if I need it.

Sadly, we got a 20 minute unexpected down pour while my hay was sitting out. So it may all be ruined. Frown

Have it drying now, and praying that it will dry out and not mold. Otherwise it will cost me about $1,000 to replace. We should know in a couple days.

Way behind on trip savings. But I am starting a new freelance job today, and hopefully I will get some of the money from it before the trip.

My Cobalt engine arrives today!! The mechanic said he should get it in within a couple days. Prayers that it goes in easily, and works great! I couple really use some good news.

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