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New Family Addition

June 4th, 2014 at 02:34 pm

Shame on me. I spent money on something that is not a need. Welcome to the family, little girl!

Meet our new puppy. I have not picked her up yet, but will sometime this week. We have been casually looking for another guardian puppy to join Kuzco our Anatolian Shepherd. He needs a friend, and a partner to help guard the large goat herd. Anatolians are so hard to find, when this ad popped up on Craigslist I knew I had to snatch her up. Otherwise I would of had to wait until next spring when more puppies are born, and I didnt want Kuzco being alone that long.

I hate spending the money, but I think its a very worthy investment. Herd protection, and entertainment for Kuzco. Plus who could resist that cute face! I will update with more pictures once she gets home. Any ideas for a name?

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  1. Another Reader Says:

    Annie the Anatolian is the obvious choice. These dogs are the best. They are bred for intelligence and the ability to make independent decisions. They are not herding dogs, they are flock guards and wonderful companions. Just don't expect them to fetch balls or do agility.

  2. klarose Says:

    Not to worry. I already have one, so I know exactly how they are. Sweet, and stubborn. I am not so sure about intelligent... lol. Independent decisions yes. We call our other Anatolian "big oaf" because he is rather large but isnt the sharpest crown in the box. Smile

  3. klarose Says:

    Right now I really like the names:

    Leala - Means Loyal
    Delmira - Means Noble Protector
    Elmira - Means Noble

    I would call her Mira for short if I picked one of the latter two.

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    When you wrote Kuzco, I thought of Emperor's New Groove. Is that where the name came from? You could call her Yzma.

  5. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    If you would use her name to call her from a yelling distance, try seeing how easily you can shout the possible names.

  6. klarose Says:

    Yes creditcarfree! The Emperor's New Groove is one of my husband's favorite movies, and I let him name Kuzco. Smile
    I originally thought about Yzma. But it's not a very pretty name. lol. It is definitely in the running though. I have a lisp, so I try to avoid names with "s" and "z". Kuzco is hard to say as it is, so I haven't decided if I can handle Yzma too.

  7. klarose Says:

    As a side note. I really wish we would have named Kuzco, Kronk. Easier to say, and it fits his personality so well. But husband thought it was too ugly for a name, and harder to call. So we stuck with Kuzco.

  8. Miz Pat Says:

    Anyone who says "money can't buy you love", never brought a puppy.


  9. creditcardfree Says:

    It is a very funny movie! There are lots of other options from the movie, but whatever seems right for you and the dog is the best one.

  10. CB in the City Says:

    She looks like a Veronica to me! Smile

  11. snafu Says:

    what a handsome pup! I wasn't familiar with the breed so looked up a brief description. Your Anatolian is smart, he just wants to be alpha, do what he sees as appropriate.

    We've a Chinese dog so I gave it a Chinese name so I'd suggest 'Service' since it's an easy shout out and she's a flock dog with a job. Next time you've the camera out will you share a photo of Kuzco?

  12. klarose Says:

    Snafu, Kuzco is smart. He is just very independent. So it is a different smart than your normal lap dog. I had a poodle before, and now that dog was SMART. It knew tons of tricks and words. Your lucky if Kuzco comes when you call him. But he is smart about other things, just two different ways of being smart. He does what he wants, when he wants.

    I'll try to get a picture of Kuzco asap. But he looks terrible right now though because he is shedding. I brushed him yesterday and there was enough loose hair to sew a quilt. lol. Thickest fur I've ever seen on a dog.

  13. LuckyRobin Says:

    Honestly, the first word that popped into my head on seeing her was Badger. But that would make a better name for a boy. After that A names seemed to come to me, like Allie or Alla or Abby. I like Annie, too. Is your male intact? Because it would be great if you could breed them one day. Guardian dogs are worth their weight in gold and I'm sure you could make a pretty penny on puppies a couple times a year.

  14. klarose Says:

    Funny! For some reason she reminded me of "A" names too. I believe the puppy's color is called Badger.

    We did leave our male intact for that very reason. I'm really not a fan of breeding puppies, because of all the shelter animals, but Livestock Guardian Dogs are just a different thing all together. Anatolian's especially are SO hard to find, and there is a big demand for them. Every person I've talked to with LGD puppies said they sold them all within a couple days of offering them. I called about Kuzco 3 days after his ad went up, and he was the last puppy left. The new puppy I called about yesterday, the day the ad went up she had already sold 3 out of 11, and when I talked to her again this morning, she said she had sold 4 more!

    We live in the Midwest, and the 4 puppies she sold yesterday were being shipped by airplane to Maryland, Rhode Island, California, and Florida, Crazy! These aren't even registered, just a mix. (With LGD's most people don't care about papers, and actually like the mixes better.)

    So yes, sometime in the future we may try a litter of puppies. But no rush. We will see how she grows and develops, and how she is with the critters.

  15. Nika Says:

    Such a cutie!

  16. Shiela Says:

    so adorable... I want a puppy but DH is allergic Frown

  17. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Such an adorable puppy! I'd never heard of the breed before - I'll have to look more into them.

  18. Looking Forward Says:

    She is SUPER cute!! Big Grin
    "...I'm really not a fan of breeding puppies, because of all the shelter animals,..." - I am SO glad you said this! Very true, but there is also a place for well and purpose bred dogs too. Although I would limit to one maybe two litters for her sake.

  19. kashi Says:

    She is adorable!! Congratulations on your new addition!

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