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May Goals

May 2nd, 2014 at 06:28 pm

Two posts in one day. Sorry!

Currently I just have my 4 big goals for the year. I think to help keep my motivated I am going to start breaking them up into monthly goals so I can make sure I stay on track, and have little victories.

Recently my focus has been putting every dollar towards car payments, but I think I need to change a bit. I would like the car payment gone, but realistically once I get the Cobalt fixed and sell it, it will pay off my current car loan on the Neon anyway. Besides the car loan is interest free, and has no real scheduled payment, although I was trying to pay $500 a month.

I have other things that are needing attention that are more pressing. Our trip is at the end of June. I have to come up with another $300 to pay for the goats I bought, and we also need $500 for gas and spending money.

We just got our LOC so Im going to have to start making payments on that as well. Plus my savings have been lacking. So Im going to cut back on the car payment. I still have my next $500 to pay him on Wednesday, but my June payment will most likely be smaller.

So for the month of May here are my goals!

1.) Put $250 towards car loan.
2.) Save $150+ for goat purchases.
3.) Save $250 for our trip.
4.) Any extra goes to LOC or Animal Fund.

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