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Why the HELOC?

April 11th, 2014 at 05:53 pm

I guess I forgot to post about the loan we are considering.

Getting a HELOC has been in the plan for a long time. We are going to get one to remodel our house hopefully next year. But we actually need some sort of loan right now, so I figure if we get the HELOC now we will use the same one for our remodel.

I have delayed getting a loan as long as possible, but I just dont see a way to go around it. Frown

There are several big expenses that are needed asap. I thought I had talked about it before, but I guess not. lol.

The big expenses that need to be taken care of are:

1.) Put up goat fencing. $3,000 (By June)
2.) Pay for car repair. $1,500 (This month)
3.) Buy new computer. $1,500 (ASAP)
4.) Pay for goat trip. $1,00 (By June)

The fencing is a MUST have. It has to be put in before I go to pick up my new goats in June. I will have goats to sell that will cover the cost, but I wont get the money until Fall.

Cobalt needs fixed so I can sell it. Again I will get my money back from it, but I cant sell it until it is fixed. So need money to make money, as they say.

I need a new computer. Mine is dead. I have been doing my freelance jobs, at my computer at my work. But it does not have some of the programs I need to use, so it is very limited. Plus I cant do it at home. Im to the point now, where I cant really take anymore jobs until I get a new computer. And if I am going to buy a new computer for web design, I am getting a nice one that will work for a while. I have been putting it off for years and years, but it just isnt going to work anymore.

Goat trip is in June. I should have enough cash by then, but it is still a big expense that needs taken care of.

We are looking at getting some sort of loan for $5,000. All extra money would be cash flowed to pay it off, along with profit from goat sales, freelance jobs, and selling my Cobalt. I have no doubt we could pay it off in a couple months.

If anyone has ideas to cash flow these big expenses instead of taking out a loan I am all ears. Ive thought and thought, and I just dont know what else to do.

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